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Archive for November, 2010

Random Retro Comic Review

Posted by bnwadmin On November - 30 - 2010

Uncanny X-Men #151

Chris Claremont (w) Jim Sherman, Bob McLeod, Josef Rubinstein (a)

A year removed from the Dark Phoenix saga, Claremont revisited the Hellfire Club in the first part of this two-issue story that sees the return of Emma Frost, Sebastian Shaw and  all the whacky gang from that elite New York City organization.

For current readers of the X-Men who have not dabbled in their glory days, it is a real kick to see the White Queen in all her evilness. You think she is wicked now, wait until you read how she was back in the day with no holds barred.

The story is a unique twist of revenge that ends on a cliffhanger as the Hellfire Club once again appears to have the upper hand (as we need our readers to want to buy the next issue the following month).

We begin at Charley’s place (better known as Xavier’s Institute for Gifted Youngsters) where the team’s youngest member, Kitty Pryde, just received the news that her folks are removing her from the school and instead sending her to Frost’s Massachusetts Academy.

Of course none of this goes over well and hence, are story begins in earnest.

‘Tis the season and while this story is not a holiday tale per say, the holiday season does bring the quest for bargains, and this story (plus the second issue) can be yours at the bargain price of $5 at Brave New Worlds (while supplies last).

Here’s the deal, issues #151-152 of Uncanny X-Men are collected as part of the Women of Marvel trade paperback, which is currently sitting on Brave New Worlds $5 bargain bin. Don’t let the title fool you or scare you off (like a Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show once might have). This book is chock full of comic awesomeness.

But wait, there’s more as the Women of Marvel also includes eight-more issues

including the first issues Dazzler, Ms. Marvel and the debut of Black Widow’s new duds. We also have some more X-Men and classic Avengers. Like we said, some awesome stuff.

And one more tidbit before I go, these stories are all pre-1990s which means its perfect for all ages, boys and girls, fans and non-fans. Enjoy.

Second Look

Posted by bnwadmin On November - 29 - 2010

Wonder Woman: Love and Murder

Jodi Picoult (w) Terry Dodson, Drew Johnson, Paco Diaz (a)

Emerging from the events of Infinite Crisis and the subsequent year without Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, DC Comics pulled out some very big guns with Wonder Woman’s return to a monthly title. Allan Heinberg reintroduced the character in “Who is Wonder Woman?” and Jodi Picoult was tabbed to pen the second story, “Love and Murder,” collecting Wonder Woman issues #6-10.

Picoult’s run could have easily been called who is Wonder Woman as well as her story focused on Wonder Woman’s conflict of who she was in the aftermath of her actions in killing Maxwell Lord and then joining the Department of Metahuman Affairs as Diana Prince.

It was an interesting question that ran through all five issues, and never really finds a conclusive answer as Diana grapples with everything that is occurring around her. And maybe that is a good thing since that answer is never really that simple when it comes to real life.

One thing Picoult does really well is begin Diana’s new relationship with Nemesis, which Gail Simone would nurture and allow to blossom before her run ended this year. It’s interesting to see this internal struggle with identity that Diana and Wonder Woman has, especially when she is asking questions and discovering new ones at her new partner’s comments.

There are some awesome cool moments, especially in the first issue as Diana encounters the marketing machine of super heroes only to find that Wonder Woman swag is discounted and not as cool as Superman and Batman. Pretty funny how JMS took over the title trying to make her cool once again.

I have a theory with that, as sometimes you change things so much for people who don’t like the character anyway, that you will lose the people that do appreciate the character. But hey, give it a chance is all I am saying.

While Circe is pulling all the strings in this one, somehow it evolves into Amazon Attack, which received its own mini-series treatment by another creative team and DC attempted to tie into it’s 52 event.

Anyway, the second arc of Wonder Woman’s return is an entertaining one and sets the table for Simone’s strong run to follow.

And for a character that has always never seemed to “connect” or “interest” readers, this new volume of tales is just as strong in my opinion, and as overlooked as Rucka’s previous run before the title ended.

New This Week: 12.02.10 (day late)

Posted by BRiAN On November - 28 - 2010

With Thanksgiving messing with the shipping schedule new comics will be on a Thursday this week…and this may be the last time a holiday messes with the shipping schedule. See you Thurs!

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The Comicverse #9

Posted by bnwadmin On November - 27 - 2010

A God Somewhere – WG Book Discussion Dec. 11

Posted by bnwadmin On November - 27 - 2010

It’s a tale that is as old as … well recently anyway with Heroes and so many other stories about what happens when a normal dude develops super powers (personally I think flying would be pretty cool).

Anyway, Arcudi (B.P.R.D.) is joined by Peter Snejbjerg, whose’s pencils bring a realism to this book that has been described as “inventive and powerful” (Jock) and “superb” (Denny O’Neil).

Check out USA Today’s review and then read it for yourself and tell us what you think on December 11 @ 7 p.m..


Posted by BRiAN On November - 26 - 2010

The Autumn Society is teaming up with us for their FIRST EVER CHARITY ART SHOW! This one will be one not to be missed and it’s just around the corner.

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Posted by BRiAN On November - 26 - 2010

Now that you are back home from all that intense elbow throwing and shoving of the slow & elderly that you all woke up at 1am for, all in the name of savings and deals, sit back and enjoy some nonsense from yours truly (and the innernette).

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What I Liked This Week

Posted by bnwadmin On November - 24 - 2010

Fantastic Four #585 Jonathan Hickman (w) Steve Epting (a)

Every month I read this book and think to myself, there is no way Hickman can make this series any better than he already has. And then the new issue comes out, and it starts all over again for me. Hands down, this book is the BOMB!

Once again I would be remiss to insult anyone who is not reading this title. (In fact, yu can pick up the first hardcover collection of Hickman’s FF run at Brave New Worlds for just $12 – no longer a bargain, but more of a steal at that price). If you are not reading this book, you should go see a doctor to find out what’s wrong with your noggin’.

I know I recently wrote on this very column about how I feel Avengers Children Crusade is the best book Marvel is putting out right now. And do not worry, I am not going back on that evaluation, I am just adding Hickman’s FF run to the second best title. It’s that good.

As we inch ever closer to the climax of the “Three” storyline, all the pieces are beginning to get put into place. The gang is getting split up (beginning with last issue) and it just has the feel to a movie where everyone gets split up, and as they say their goodbyes to one another, you just know one of them is NEVER coming back.

I try not to give spoilers away in these reviews, and I am not going to start now, however this is all you need to know about FF #585, it has Galactus, Silver Surfer, Namor and a HUGE reveal about one of the Richards’ children (and probably not the one you are thinking about).

‘nuff said.

Amazing Spider-Man #469 Dan Slott (w) Humberto Ramos, Carlos Cuevas (a)

After my review of the start of BIG TIME, one-out-of-one Brave New Worlds customers agree with me (because they are the only one I asked), this new story is bringing back the fun to Spider-Man. But to be honest, did we ever doubt that would be the case with Slott penning the tales (don’t answer that!).

As seen on the cover, the Hobgoblin is back, but which one. You will be surprised by the answer. Life is starting fresh as Pete juggles being Spider-Man, with his new sidekick, then its off to being relationship guy (and this one seems to be the “turtle” way of taking it slow. Marvel does not want to rush into anything and make this character seem “old”).

Everything is starting to turn up roses for our favorite web-head, so of course something has to go wrong. Does it happen in this issue? Well, you are just going to have to read to find out.

Thor The Mighty Avenger #6 Roger Langridge (w) Chris Samnee (a)

Marvel scored the natural hat trick this week with this release as once again this title continues to entertain. If you never got into Thor because of all the mythology, if you are not a reader of “super-hero” comics, then this one is for you. Trust me.

Every month this title just gets the job done. No need to know about continuity or read crossover titles, this is the only book in this run you need to read.

Langridge and Samnee are quietly crafting a true class and masterpiece right in front of our eyes. The nice part of each issue is it connects to a bigger puzzle with a little bit being revealed each month.

Samnee’s style is a perfect compliment with Langridge’s words. It’s awesome!

This month’s adventure was no different. It’s a great, new and unique twist for the God of Thunder. With all the Thor titles out right now, this one can easily be overlooked on the rack. Do yourself a favor and pick it up, you will not regret it.

Random Retro Comic Review

Posted by bnwadmin On November - 23 - 2010

Steel #1

Jon Bogdanove, Louise Simonson (w) Chris Batista Rich Faber (a)

If I recall correctly there was a reason I knew not to read this one when it initially came out 16 years ago. Sometimes pulling out a book at random to review is not always such a great idea. But I digress.

The character of John Henry Iron aka as Steel is an intriguing one and years after his first appearance and this story he actually becomes a pivotal partner to Superman in his effort to defend Metropolis. This issue is not this time however.

Irons returns home to Washington, D.C. tracking guns he worked to remove from the streets of Metropolis. No sooner has he returned on the bus and been welcomed by his niece Natasha that the action and mystery begins. From that standpoint, the story keeps on moving which I guess is a good thing so you do not realize just how much time you are spending with this one.

Bogdanove (with help from Simonson) does a nice job of introducing the Irons family and setting the story in motion with a mysterious tip (think Luke and Ben Kenobi getting busted by the Stormtroopers by the anonymous source on Mos Eisley). However, Irons has given up his super hero days, although he still has his iron shield which comes in handy early on in the book.

But of course, every time I think I am out, they pull me back in which is exactly what happens as Irons family comes under siege as the attackers are looking for him of course. The rest of the basis of the start of this monthly book.

The dialogue and art are classic mid-90’s and there is a reason the industry almost did not survive this time period. Anyway, that’s what I got for you this month in my Random Retro Comic Review.

What I Liked This Week

Posted by bnwadmin On November - 22 - 2010

Superman/Batman #78 Joe Kelly, Jach Kelly (w) Ed Benes (a)

We have all done it before, but this is the first time I can remember somebody wrote a story from this perspective. You are sitting down with a friend and someone says, Superman can beat Batman. The other disagrees and you try and figure out who’s going to win.

Superman/Batman #78 actually opens with this conversation, except you don’t realize that is exactly what is happening because the two characters appear to be going head-to-head. It’s a fun short fill-in story in what has been consistently a steady performer for DC Comics in what is the title’s seventh year.

Joe Kelly teams up with Jach to supply the words, while the ever spectacular Benes has the pictures covered. And don’t worry, Benes gets a chance to throw some other heroes into the book.

In addition to the Superman/Batman story, there is a Power Girl/Huntress feature in the back by Amanda McMurray and Brett Booth. I have always been a big fan of Booth’s work and he does not disappoint with this throwback team-up from the Silver Age.

McMurray’s story is a good, although with so few pages to work with she has to jump right into the action and paints the characters with too broad of a stereotype for my liking. Still, the McMurray-Benes combo is a good one and I would be interested in reading more from the two of them.

Avengers #7 Brian Michael Bendis (w) John Romita Jr, Kluas Janson, Tom Palmer (a)

From all indications in the early run of this new Avengers joint, it’s going to be a fun book with lots of interesting things happening. Not too much character stuff mind you (that’s what Secret and New Avengers is there for probably) but just a good old-fashion hootenany.

The Red Hulk guests in this issue and while I am not the biggest fan of his, his appearance does work for the story. It will be interesting to see what happens to his status after the story ends.

But after featuring Kang, Ultron and time travel in the first arc, Bendis pulls out the infinity gems for his second story.

I’m still not loving Romita Jr’s work on the book and here is hoping that someone else gets a shot at drawing the title after this arc. (Not that I want to be hating on Romita Jr., I love his earlier work on X-Men and his Amazing Spider-Man run with JMS was really strong. His stuff is just not that tight anymore.

Thunderbolts #150 Jeff Parker (w) Kev Walker (a)

This one gets an honorable mention from me this week in what might be the rudest thing I have ever witnessed in a comic (and that is probably saying something after reading some of Ennis’ Boys).

The issue itself is the fun you would expect from Parker and Walker since they started on this book recently. It does not disappoint as the milestone issue features Cap, Iron Man and Thor on the Raft – you know only some really strong hilarity will ensue. Add to the mix a despondent Luke Cage who can’t stand being around these nasty characters and we have all the right ingredients for some excellent jambalaya or the next edition of the WE’s Summer Slam.

The rudeness occurs on the very last page, and panel of this tale. It was just plain wrong.

Anyway, that’s what I have for you this (past) week.