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Posted by bnwadmin On October - 4 - 2010

Storm Dispatched Wildstorm Comics is no more. Long Live Wildstorm! A victim of DC Comics partial relocation to Los Angeles, the decision has been made to put the characters from the Authority, Gen13, and Wildcats to bed for a little while. I for one will mourn the potential losses of future type Highwaymen and Red Herring stories. I think I may be the only one.

Yeah Lynda Carter! I know I try to limit myself to comic book related news as not to step on Brian’s Friday feature feet, but I am just too excited about the possibilities of this announcement – The CW is looking to replace Smallville next year with a Wonder Woman series – hell yeah! You have to figure it will be molded in the same style that made Smallville such a success for so many years. Here’s hoping.

Overkill? Well, the 2,000th Thor title will hit shelves in May (right around the release of the movie) with Paul Jenkins and Ariel Olivetti’s four-issue Thor Heaven and Earth mini-series. This series will feature a different concept in each issue. Sounds interesting. And I thought Deadpool had a lot of titles out?

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