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Posted by bnwadmin On October - 25 - 2010

Unearthed Not sure how these were found, but some early design sketches of the original Wonder Woman costume were discovered with William Moulton Marston comments. Remember all the craziness over the summer over the change to her costume. Well checkout the comments to the original costume. Take a look below at another sketch.

Cap vs Cap January will see the release of another Ultimate mini-series, Ultimate Captain America. The four-issue mini-series by Jason Aaron and Ron Garney will pit Captain America versus Captain America from the Vietnam War. Throw in Doc Brown and a flux capacitor and we have the makings of something here.

Casanova is Back That’s right, January will also see the release of a new Casanova mini-series by Matt Fraction and Fabio Moon. Casanova: Gula will be a four-issue mini that will ask the burning question, where is Waldo, er Casanova. It seems he is gone. And we mean GONE.

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