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Posted by bnwadmin On October - 19 - 2010

More X News The next arc for the Victor Gischler written X-Men title will be called “Serve and Protect” and will feature not only Chris Bachalo on pencils but Spider-Man as well.

About Time Move over Warren Ellis, Phil Jimenez and Kaare Andrews. Daniel Way and Jason Pearson will be taking over the Astonishing X-Men with their “Monsters” story arc coming to shelves soon. Way’s story begins with the X-Men attending a funeral in Japan. When horrified giant monsters begin coming ashore from nearby Monster Island, the team is forced to investigate. Their arrival on the island will bring them face to face with a villain they weren’t expecting.

Astonishing Cap! That’s right, following in the footsteps of the Astonishing X-Men, Captain America is getting a new title next summer, to coincide with the release of the movie next summer. Andy Diggle will provide the words, Adi Granov the art.

The Biggest Characters Godzilla is coming to comics, tiny little Japanese run for cover. And I am talking those scale people from the original movies Yo. The new title will debut in February. Check out the promotional art from Eric Powell.

I’m So Happy Yes, there is a new creative team coming to Supergirl beginning with issue #60 next year – Nick Spencer and Bernard Chang. Here’s keeping my fingers crossed.

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