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On Sale October 27 Spotlight

Posted by bnwadmin On October - 24 - 2010

Action Comics #894

Paul Cornell (w) Pete Woods (a)

Death from Sandman is Back! Making her triumphant return to the DCU from the pages of Sandman, it’s Death! And she is back in this week’s issue of Action Comics as Luthor’s obsession for the orange ring literally puts him on death’s door. Wonder who is going to win this battle of wills?

Beasts of Burden Hellboy One-Shot

Mike Mignola, Evan Dorkin (w) JIll Thompson (a)

Holy crossovers Batman! Talk about cats and dogs living together. What will a cat-loving Hellboy do when he team’s up with Thompson’s Beasts of Burden to help out on a case. Isn’t that how it always starts; I need your help on a case, one thing leads to another, and Hellboy is adopting a talking cat.

Captain America #611

Ed Brubaker (w) Butch Guice (a)

I know I am getting tired of writing this, so you must be getting tired of reading this but Marvel is promising that this issue will change everything as Cap goes on trial. I personally think he got caught putting a pack of gum in his pocket at Wawa – this economy is tough on everyone.

DC Comics Presents Superman #1

Geoff Johns, Jeph Loeb (w) Ian Chruchill, Ariel Olivetti, Todd Nauck, Brent Eric Anderson (a)

DC is collecting hard-to-find stories in these deluxe issues of DC Comics Presents. This issue collects Superman #179-185 and Superman: Man of Steel #121 as the overgrown boy scout takes on the Royal Flush Gang, Major Force and Dracula (can the X-Men be far behind?).

Green Arrow #5 (Brightest Day)

J.T. Krul (w), Diogenes Neves, Vicente Cifuentes (a)

The mystery continues in the new home of Oliver Queen as the dead rise in his forest. I thought Death was in Action this week?

Incognito Bad Influences #1

Ed Brubaker (w) Sean Phillips (a)

Brubaker has two in the spotlight this week as his twisted super-powered noir thriller Incognito returns with its Eisner-nominated sequel, Bad Influences! Now working for the government, Zack Overkill realizes its not much different than his prevous life.

Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman Premiere Hardcover Volume 3

Jonathan Hickman (w)

If you have not been reading Hickman’s Fantastic Four run, what the hell is wrong with you? This is some good stuff, quintessential FF in the making, and that is saying something after Lee-Kirby and Byrne. Anyhoo, Reed continues to try and solve everything, and you know this never leads to hugs and puppies (that’s in the Beasts of Burden/Hellboy one-shot this week). Collects Fantastic Four #579-582.

Northlanders TP Volume 4 The Plague Widow

Brian Wood (w) Leandro Fernandez (a)

Wood’s acclaimed Northlanders saga this time the story takes us to Viking Russia in A.D. 1020. Believe you me, I’ve heard stories, this is not a great time to be alive. Unless of course you are a viking with a very big sword, and some mead. Mead is always a good thing, even today. Collects Northlanders #21-28.

Superman Earth One HC

J. Michael Straczysnki (w), Shane Davis, Sandra Hope (a)

It’s finally here, Straczynski’s take on if the Man of Steel was revealed today, in 2010. As an added bonus, pick this one up and then in two weeks you can discuss it with others at the Brave New Worlds Willow Grove Book Discussion on Nov. 13. Click here for more information.

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