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On Sale October 20 Spotlight

Posted by bnwadmin On October - 17 - 2010

Carnage #1 (of 5)

Zeb Wells (w) Clayton Crain (a)

After Venom, who is the one Spidey villain fans cry for all the time? Well if you guessed Carnage, you would be correct, as the crazy red one gets his own mini-series by Wells and Crain. This one promises to be fun as Spider-Man and Iron Man team up.

Kick-Ass 2 #1

Mark Millar (w) John Romita Jr (a)

Just like Dr. Horrible said when he plotted the demise of Captain Hammer, it’s a brand new day. Of course this new era we are talking about here is Kick Ass 2, Balls to the Wall. The much-anticipated sequel is finally here. More Kick Ass. More Hit Girl. And more ass-kicking.

Loki #1 (of 4)

Rob Rodi (w) Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Sebastian Fiumara (a)

There are two sides to every story. You know Loki’s has got to be a lie. I’m just saying, there is a reason he is called the God of Lies. Really, you think there is even a remote possibility he could be telling the truth at all? Didn’t think so. Still, should be an interesting read.

Ultimate Comics New Ultimates #4

Jeph Loeb (w) Frank Cho (a)

I feel like this title is a conspiracy by Marvel to force it’s way onto the Spotlight each time it comes out because it does so infrequently. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fun read I just don’t know if it is Spotlight worthy each time, however I feel I owe you faithful readers a reminder on the rare occasions it actually ships. You are welcome.

DC Comics Year-by-Year Visual Chronicle HC

Daniel Wallace (w)

Here for the first time is the chronological account of the adventures of the characters and company that created them. The story starts at the beginning when DC was known as National Allied Publications in 1934. Check out how the story progressed over the years. This one will look great on your coffee table.

Final Crisis Legion of Three Worlds TP

Geoff Johns (w) George Perez, Scott Koblish

This one has been over for awhile, but is finally getting the softcover treatment. It’s the new quintessential Legion story that resets and cleans up their universe. It’s a great read for longtime fans of the Legion, as well as a terrific jumping on point for those who want to get into the Legion. And don’t tell anyone, but it really does not have that much to do with Final Crisis.

Luthor HC

Bryan Azzarello (w) Lee Bermejo, Mick Gray, Karl Story (a)

Yes, this story has been available for years in trade, however here comes a new twist to the original five-issue mini-series, Lex Luthor: Man of Steel, new material plus sketch pages, and of course a very attractive hardcover display. Besides a bag of chips what else could you ask for?

Y The Last Man Deluxe Edition HC Volume 4

Brian K. Vaughn (w) Pia Guerra, Goran Sudzuka, Jose Marzan Jr (a)

The latest hardcover collection includes issues #37-48 as the adventures of Yorick and Ampersand continue. We learn the origin of Yorick’s mysterious protector while he searches for his fiancee in Australia. Wonder if he will find any female companionship on his trip?

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