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Posted by bnwadmin On October - 10 - 2010

Batman Return of Bruce Wayne #5 (of 6)

Grant Morrison (w) Ryan Sook (a)

He’s getting closer, to the present that is as Bruce Wayne’s latest Quantum Leap takes him to meet Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell. Only kidding, he finds himself as a hard-boiled (is there any other) private dick in the streets of Gotham. Maybe someone will hire him to figure out this time jumping thing.

Bruce Wayne The Road Home One-Shots

Batgirl, Batman & Robin, Outsiders, Red Robin

He’s back, even though the Return of Bruce Wayne mini-series has not concluded. But C’MON! It’s not like we all did not know how it would end. Anyhoo, Batman & Robin kicks off the fun. In Batgirl, this could be the end of Stephanie Brown’s reign, meanwhile Mike Barr returns to The Outsiders to show how Bruce’s return impact his former team. And then there was Tim Drake, the sole believer that Bruce was still out there, somewhere.

Knight & Squire #1 (of 6)

Paul Cornell (w), Jimmy Broxton (a)

Gotham has Batman & Robin. Sandwiches have peanut butter and jelly. Comedy had Chris Farley & David Spade. And London has Knight & Squire. Do you really need to be sold anymore on this book?

Star Wars Knight Errant Aflame #1 (of 5)

John Jackson Miller (w) Federico Dallocchio (a)

Set over 1,000 years before Luke Skywalker was born, a dark age grips the galaxy as the Sith is taking over system by system. Luckily since Romulus was destroyed in the Star Trek movie, they can’t get a hold of those pointy-ear bastards!

Untold Tales of Blackest Night #1

Turns out all of the crossovers, Green Lantern books and main title did not tell the entire Blackest Night tale. Can you believe that? So Geoff Johns and a host of others bring you the story of the Book of the Black as the Black rings scavenge (great word!) for more souls.

Thunderbolts HC Cage

Jeff Parker (w) Kev Walker (a)

Just because Norman Osborn is on The Raft does not mean the Thunderbolts program has been abandoned. Steve Rogers puts Luke Cage in charge as Moonstone returns to the team and welcomes a motley band that includes the Juggernaut and more. Collects Thunderbolts #144-147 and material from Enter the Heroic Age one-shot.

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