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On Sale November 3 Spotlight

Posted by bnwadmin On October - 31 - 2010

Batman and Robin #16

Grant Morrison (w) Cameron Stewart (a)

Morrison’s Batman and Robin finale is here. Batman and the Black Glove’s final showdown is here. The Joker is here. That just leaves you. This issue ties in with the Return of Bruce Wayne story.

Captain America Man Out of Time #1 (of 5)

Mark Waid (w) Jorge Molina (a)

This mini-series chronicles the rebirth of Captain America. But not the recent rebirth, but the original one when the Avengers pulled him out of the sea like he was a clam to eat, but a huge one at that.

Generation Hope #1

Kieron Gillen (w) Salva Espin (a)

Because you asked for it, nay, demanded it, another new ongoing X-title. This one has to do with our girl Hope, who spawned a Messiah Complex and War. Girls, what are you going to do? Anyway, this time she’s all tied up with this five lights deal. Curious as to what GE lightbulb we are talking about, well pick up the book YO.

Superboy #1

Jeff Lemire (w) Pier Gallo (a)

Sweet Tooth’s Lemire takes on the boy of steel in this new ongoing title. There’s a mystery lurking beneath Smallville that not even Superman knows. But it has ties to Superboy. Cue eerie music.

Absolute All-Star Superman

Grant Morrison (w) Frank Quietly (a)

Grant Morrison week continues at Brave New Worlds as his All-Star Superman 12-issue run gets the Absolute treatment. The Eisner-Award winning series is a throwback to the Superman stories from the day. Bizarro, Zibarro and Lex Luthor’s final revenger are all here, plus a bonus sketchbook section and more (I am hoping for the steak knives myself).

Batman and Robin Deluxe HC Volume 2 Batman vs Robin

Grant Morrison (w) Cameron Stewart, Dustin Nguyen, Scott Hanna (a)

Shocker, another Morrison featured title as Batman and Robin volume 2 hits shelves this week. Collecting issues #7-12, more clues into Bruce Wayne’s mysterious death reveal themselves that force Batman and Damian to face off against one another (like in that John Travolta/Nic Cage movie, but without them actually switching faces).

Batman Battle for the Cowl TP

Tony Daniel (w/a) Fabian Nicieza (w)

Collected in softcover, it’s the Batman battle royale for the right to wear the cowl after Bruce Wayne dies. Includes Batman: Battle for the Cowl #1-3, Gotham Gazette: Batman Dead #1 and Gotham Gazette: Batman Alive #1.

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