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How’re you doing Innernette?

Posted by BRiAN On October - 29 - 2010

Well it’s friday once again and it’s been a while since I have put together anything for a Friday Innernette type entry here the BNW site. So here ya go, some stuff to look at and get you thru the day.

•First off tonight at Tattooed Mom on South Street Geekadelphia and Indy Hall are throwing their yearly Halloween Bash! Get some costumes on and come out and win fantastic prizes (from us of course), party in costume and just plain ignore this “world series” like the rest of Philadelphia. For more details CLICK HERE

•It may be on a sports blog but this video actually is the nerdiest thing you will ever see. I know people who play WoW and they may have no idea what this kid is saying. Let’s all start a council of X# of Hammers. CLICK HERE

•Newsarama reported the other day that after Morrison and his team of awesome rotating artists leave Batman and Robin, with their final issue being #16, there will be a fill in team before the new regulars Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason take over. CLICK HERE

•In case you missed it the new Batman flick’s got a name: The Dark Knight Rises. I’m still not sure what I think about this name, it seems kinda hokey or more like a working title than something that is the final choice but I trust in Nolan. Anyways read more about this over at the LA Times HERE

•CAP!!! Entertainment Weekly has more HERE

But wait there’s more HERE

•There’s a little show coming this weekend based on a comic that I’m sure you’ve never heard of let alone read…CLICK HERE

•Movie spoilers in 5 min. CLICK HERE

•I’m going as my favorite condiment for H-Ween. Small Asian hotdog not included. CLICK HERE

Tron Nerds (they are a very specific type of nerd) are all fired up and psyched for this one! Turn up the volume on yer speakers and prepare to get all psyched too! CLICK HERE

•Someone mashed up a movie I used to watch all the time as a child with a movie I used to watch all the time in college and made this NSFW (there’s cursing so be warned) little video. CLICK HERE

•And I think I am just going to end this here with some news about one of my favorite film score composters Hans Zimmer (if you own nothing by this man and wanna read comics to some epic tunes I say you should purchase some and play it as loud as you can without making your neighbors hate you) CLICK HERE

i woulda had it say "innernette" but thats just me

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