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What I Liked This Week

Posted by bnwadmin On September - 4 - 2010

1 Month 2 Live #1 Rick Remender (w), Andrea Mutti (a)

Where Did All The Heroes Go? When you first open Marvel’s new weekly mini-series (which last just five issues) you might notice how normal the story is, with nothing super going on. Well, that aspect is coming, but it’s not really about that. It’s about Dennis, and his life and decisions.

No Good Deed Not only is his effort to be a good samaritan in the face of being a corporate stooge rewarded with an ass kicking that rivals any of of Kick Ass’ beat downs, Dennis also gets some really bad news after he is rescued by none other than a member of the Fantastic Four.

WWYD? That’s right, after reading about Dennis’ exploits, what would you do if you found yourself in his shoes?

The Big Bad Of course there has to be an antagonist for our “hero” to battle, and the reveal at the end of issue one gives us one of Spidey’s new rogue’s gallery.

Verdict I liked it. Definitely different and fresh and interested to see where the story goes. The real fascinating part about this mini-series is that there will be a different writer and artist on each issuing, which will definitely change the tone of each one. Stay tuned.

Scarlet #2 Brian Michael Bendis (w), Alex Maleev (a)

Talk About Fresh I know a lot of people are comparing this series to Bendis’ Alias run, however since I never read that run, Scarlet is something I have yet to experience in my comic reading, and I like it!

Story Deepens Like any good writer, Bendis hooks you in issue one and explains a couple of things, while building more background and holes to go down, while also giving you some “bang” for your buck in issue two – literally.

Emotions Mariah Carey once sang about them (yes, I am showing my age) but I have to admit to running through a crazy amount of emotions as I read issue two. I can’t wait until the next issue.

Best Recommendation Should you read Scarlett? Well yes, the greatest form of compliment I can pay this book is that by the time I reach the end, I had wished it did not end.

Avengers The Children’s Crusade #2 Allan Heinberg (w), Jim Cheung, Mark Morales (a)

Last Time on Avengers Children’s Crusade … Magneto just found out that he might have grandkids that look a lot like his two children, Wanda and Pietro. Of course, Wanda has been “missing” since the end of House of M. What’s a reformed mutant-terrorist to do?

Jump Right In Issue two picks right up where we left off, with Magneto battling some of the Avengers (including Cap in his regular uniform) with the Young Avengers in the middle. I like how Heinberg writes this fight, with the Avengers making a decision not to hold back but obviously not ready for the consequences of those actions.

Fun Approach Too many mini-series lately have seemed like a slow build with one or two things happening to keep you hooked (Siege being an exception due to its length) but at nine-issues long, the fireworks have went off already in both issues. Love the break-neck pace at which Heinber and Cheung are telling this story.

Hooked! I did not want to be, I really did try to fight in, but I am caught in the web of what this book could be, and I am really curious to see if we do find the Scarlet Witch again and what here return could mean for everything. The Siege saw the extermination of one really unstable hero, what are our heroes prepared to do with Wanda?

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