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Posted by bnwadmin On September - 16 - 2010

Have No Fear Despite the soon-to-be demise of the Man Without Fear after the events of Shadowland, Marvel has begun advertising Daredevil Reborn for January 2011.

He’s Back We think. Grant Morrison is launching another new Batman title this coming November called Batman, Inc. It’s the next stage of evolution for Bruce Wayne and will be an ongoing series.

Coming in October The Iron Man Titanium one-shot will feature four new standalone tales of the Golden Avenger as the Titanium Man comes out of retirement to take on Iron Man. Plus a Pepper Potts story, a Tony-Maria joint and Stark’s college reunion.

She’s Back Greg Rucka’s critically and fan acclaimed Batwoman is returning this November with a new monthly series simply titled Batwoman, picking up right where his Detective Comics Elegy storyline finished.

For Fans of Kull You know who you are, comes a four-issue Dark Horse mini-series in November – Kull: The Hate Witch by none other than David Lapham.

It’s All Over What happens when the never-ending battle for truth and justice ends, Image Comics Utopian #1 is what, from Marc Guggeheim this November.

Hey It’s Joe Mad Maduriera that is.His Battle Chasers series gets the deluxe edition in November in the Battle Chasers Anthology hardcover. Oversized collection will be $100, autographed and numbered fro $150, reserve yours today from Brave New Worlds.

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