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On Sale September 15 Spotlight

Posted by bnwadmin On September - 12 - 2010

Birds of Prey #5

Gail Simone (w), Alvin Lee (a)

Another week, another spotlight on a possible title you are missing out on (and yes we mean you). Two of the Birds (is it un-PC to call women birds?) are in Thailand looking for a deal on shoes, and a missing teammate. Plus, Brightest Day continues to rock Hawk and Dove’s world while they try to fit into the team.

Justice Society of America Special

Scott Kolins (w, a)

Kolins pulls double duty with his first original DC tale as Kingdom Comings concludes as both squads are forced back together to deal with some Magog issues. Oh yeah. This will end well.

Thor First Thunder #1 (of 5)

Bryan Glass (w), Tan Eng Huat (a)

Another week, another new Thor mini-series. This one is about the God of Thunder’s first year on Earth.  Five bucks it includes a visit to Taco Bell, just taking a wild guess they don’t have Mexican food in Asgard, mead yes, enchiladas no.

X-23 #1

Marjorie Liu (w), Will Conrad (a)

X-23 strikes out on her own after the disbandment of X-Force. Wolverine has been taken out (really?) and now she must step up to fill his shoes. I am not an expert in the psycho killer department but I don’t see her tiny feet sitting in his stylish yet affordable boots.

Siege Mighty Avengers Premiere Hardcover

Christos Gage, Dan Slott (w), Neil Edwards, Khoi Pham (a)

Loki has been scheming, which means a fun time as he pits the “Dark” Avengers versus Hank Pym’s “Mighty” Avengers. Meanwhile, the rest of the squad is thrust into the battlefield that is Asgard during the “Siege” with no one to lead them. Maybe Jack of Trades will come out of retirement?

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