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3 Books you should be readin’

Posted by BRiAN On September - 7 - 2010

I’ve put together a quick list tonight of three titles I don’t think enough people are reading.

First off I am going to say i missed the boat for the first two months of Thunderbolts when the new team was put into place. Though once I caught up I will say that this is my new favorite series post siege. Starting in issue # 144 Luke Cake took over the role of leader and super-parole officer for a new team of villains. I have no idea why that man is still a New Avenger (like didnt that guy say he quite that stuff) and seriously this book trumps that book these days. Anyway this new team has a great vibe and should not be missed.

The next book is Action Comics starting with issue #890. Seriously this book has Lex Luthor as the main character. While Superman is off walking across the country Lex is back in Metropolis being Bad Ass. He’s got a robo-Lois, dealt with an ancestor of Mr. Mind, and Deathstroke the terminator has been around too…c’mon you know you wanna read this!!!

Lastly I bring up one of my favorite series. A series that I feel like only me and a handful of friends read. Now I know it hasn’t been coming out all that much recently [like a year between issue #27 and #28] but this book rules. Fear Agent is seriously a book that needs to be read by everyone. The guy flies through space in a talking ship, drinks tons of whiskey, committed accidental genocide against an alien race and has died and been cloned. Seriously read this book! He fights aliens and wears a Texas belt buckle. And this is Heath’s final rodeo since the series will be ending after this arc!

And there ya have it folks. Three series that I think more people should be reading.

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