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What I Liked This Week

Posted by bnwadmin On August - 25 - 2010

Fantastic Four #582 Jonathan Hickman (w), Neil Edwards, Scott Hanna (a)

The Future’s So Bright … Oh, nevermind, the future is totally frakked! Damn was this issue good. Hickman has captured the essence of the FF, something Millar was not able to do. This issue was a classic in the same vain as Lee-Kirby and Byrne.

There Can Be Only One That’s right, there can be only Nathan Richards, at least according to Franklin, but what does he know, he’s only a kid!

Brace Yourself Why is it when someone asks you not to get upset, you still get upset. Even a hero as savvy as the Invisible Woman freaks out when Val breaks the news of what is going on, and what is to come.

This is the End Don’t you just wonder when Franklin and Val are in the timeline to figure out when all of this is playing out.

Superman Secret Origin #6 Geoff Johns (w), Gary Frank, Jon Sibal (a)

That’s a Damn Good Piece of Apple Pie Served up in a red and blue costume, aw yeah. I know a lot of people are tired of reading about Superman’s origin being re-imagined again, and to you I say – PHHHBT! Take Secret Origin for what it is, a really fun story.

When Last We Saw … It has been awhile, but way back in the day when issue five came out, Supe’s was being taken down by Metallo and General Lane’s stash of kryptonite, which was supplied by Lex Luthor.

Intense So the Daily Planet is under martial law. There is a moment in the beginning where General Lane informs our intrepid staff that they no longer have any rights and everything is now property of the U.S. government. That’s when one of the lunkheads under Lane grabs Car Grant and says including you – ew, creepy.

It’s a Brand New Day In Metropolis as Superman has saved the day once again. Luthor is no longer king of this domain, and he is none to happy about it. Just widh this story would continue. There are so many prequel tales (like the current Adventure run) and I think Johns would do some awesome things in this playground.

Avengers #4 Brian Michael Bendis (w), John Romita, Jr., Klaus Janson (a)

More Fun in the Space-Time Continuum Sometimes the best stories are told out of time, and the Avengers opening-arc is just one of those awesome what the heck is going on tales.

Back on Top After a hiccup in the last issue, both the story and even Romita’s Jr.s pencils have rebounded to provide a spectacular experience.

Next Avengers Well they are back finally, after being teased in the first issue and not really having much to do with the story, they take center stage in issue four, with some surprises – ‘natch!

I’m Confused It makes sense that the Avengers blame Kang for everything, he is after all the bad guy. But just wait until you see who had Kang go on the mission to the past to solicit the Avengers assistance.

Avengers Assemble! Okay, one piece of feedback here, take it do what’s it worth. I love all four new Avengers titles, and I really did not think that was going to happen. That being said, I would rather have the teams with their own members. I think it would mean more reading Wolverine and Spider-Man in just one book. As it is now, the Avengers and New Avengers are both sharing about 4-5 members – Skrulls! Pysch.

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