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Posted by bnwadmin On August - 23 - 2010

Pulling Up Stakes (No Pun Intended) Everyone’s favorite vampire with a soul, and we are not talking about Spike, but Angel will be returning to the Dark Horse Comics family next year in an unprecedented cooperative move between IDW Comics and Dark Horse. Early next year IDW will begin its final Angel story arc which will lead directly to the Dark Horse title, which Joss Whedon will take over.

Never Forget a Face Just like Khan in Star Trek II, we never forget a, er name as Walter Keonig returns to comics with his 90’s Malibu title Raver and Things to Come under the Bluewater imprint next year.

New Cap Title Karl Kesel and Mitch Breitweiser’s new book, Captain America Patriot, debuts in September which follows the adventures of the post-WWII Captain America.

It’s Time to Pah-tay! Marvel Comics loves a party and in October they will be celebrating Uncanny X-Force Day with the release of Uncanny X-Force #1, Wolverine’s all-new bad-ass Mutant wetworks squad. Celebrate the release of issue #1 at both Brave New Worlds locations on October 6.

On Sale August 25

Posted by bnwadmin On August - 22 - 2010

Avengers #4

Brian Michael Bendis (w), John Romita Jr. (a)

This issue guest stares everyone, plus Kang and Ultron – Oh Yeah! The timestream is broken and the Marvel Universe is falling into chaos (literally, we saw cats and dogs moving in with one another).

Batman #702

Grant Morrison (w), Tony Daniel (a)

Morrison continues to tell the tale of what exactly happened to Bruce Wayne between the end of R.I.P. and his death in Final Crisis.

Captain America #609

Ed Brubaker (w), Butch Guice (a)

Well this is just messed up as Baron Zemo continues to rip apart Bucky’s life, which forces the Buckster to return to the scene where his life once ended.

Guardians the Globe #1 (of 6)

Robert Kirkman, Benito Cerneo (w), Ransom Getty (a)

We’re getting the gang back together which no one thought would happen after Omni-Man slaughtered the original team. But since the Viltrumite War continues and depletes the ranks of the current squad over in the pages of Invincible, its time for a new recruiting drive.

Justice League of America #48

James Robinson (w), Mark Bagley, Rob Hunter, Norm Rapmund (a)

The finale of the JLA/JSA team-up as the greatest threat might not be Alan Scott (I mean, he is old) but another of the team members (my money is on Cyborg, he is so not human anymore).

Namor First Mutant #1

Stuart Moore (w), Ariel Olivetti (a)

Namor stars in an all-new ongoing series as he becomes Sub-Mariner the Vampire Hunter taking on the blood suckers who are attempting to take out the X-Men.

Star Wars Blood Ties Jango & Boba Fett #1
Tom Taylor (w), Chris Scalf (a)
A mission Jango goes on before the Clone Wars affects Boba’s life 20 years later. Are you hooked yet?

Superman Secret Origin #6 (of 6)

Geoff Johns (w), Gark Frank, Jon Sibal (a)

The conclusion of the reimagining of the early days of Superman is finally here and of course its a head-to-head battle with Lex Luthor – we would not have it any other way.

Wonder Woman #602

Michael Straczynski (w), Don Kramer, Michael Babinski (a)

Diana goes on the offensive and discovers the war may already be over, and that she of course LOST! No need to sugar coat it now, is there?

X-Men Curse of the Mutants Storm & Gambit #1

Chuck Kim (w), Mico Suayan, Chris Bachalo (a)

One of two Curse of the Mutants crossovers this week (other Blade #1) as Storm & Gambit team up to take on vamps in downtown San Francisco. I don’t know why they just don’t contact Buffy to take care of this problem, she has an entire army of slayers and everything.

Secret Invasion HC

Brian Michael Bendis (w), Leinil Francis Yu (a)

Collecting Secret Invasion #1-8. Who do your trust? Well, it’s certainly not the same as Who are you going to call? Skrulls try to take over the world, and of course screw it up again.

Siege Thunderbolts HC

Cory Levine (w)

Collects Thunderbolts #138-143. Now that Norman Osborn’s Dark Reign is falling apart, the bad guys are taking advantage of opportunities.

Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate Collection Volume 3 TP

Brian Michael Bendis (w), Mark Bagley (a)

Collects Ultimate Spider-Man #1/2 and #28-39 of the first series, featuring Eddie Brock and some crook in a Spidey costume.

New This Week: 8.25.10

Posted by BRiAN On August - 22 - 2010

Hit the jump to see what new comics come out this Wednesday and also learn about a sweet historical event that happened on the same day in history….

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D&D Starter Set Demo @ WG

Posted by bnwadmin On August - 21 - 2010

It will not be available for sale until next month, but Brave New Worlds Willow Grove has an exclusive demo copy of Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set in store now for customer use. That’s right, stop on by anytime (when we are open) and check out the new easy way to start playing Dungeons & Dragon.

On sale September 7, the Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Roleplaying Game Starter Set is the best way to start playing the fourth edition.

Designed for 1–5 players, this boxed game contains everything needed to start playing the Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Roleplaying Game, including rules for creating heroes, advice for playing the Dungeon Master, a solo play adventure, and group-play adventure content. Learning the game has never been so easy!

Several different character races (dwarf, elf, halfling, and human) and classes (cleric, fighter, rogue, and wizard) are presented, along with powers for each race and class.

Game components:

• 32-page book for players, with rules for character creation and a solo adventure

• 64-page book for Dungeon Masters, with the rules of the game, advice on how to run the game, and adventure content

• 2 sheets of die-cut tokens for characters and monsters

• Cardstock character sheets and power cards

• Double-sided dungeon map

• 6 polyhedral dice

Random Retro Comic Review

Posted by bnwadmin On August - 19 - 2010

Justice League #26 (Volume 2; May, 1989) Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis (w), Ty Templeton, Joe Rubinstein (a)

Not Your Father’s Justice League When Giffen and Kevin Maguire relaunched Justice League post-Crisis, it was the “B” team with Batman being the lone holdover. What readers received instead of Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Green Lantern was Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Guy Gardner and lots of jokes. Believe it or not, it worked for its time.

Fast Forward 2010 The current Justice League Generation Lost squad is made up of the original members of this Justice League group sans Batman and Ted Kord. As he did over 20 years ago, Max Lord hand picked the members. It’s real interesting to see how casually Lord used his mind-control powers to manipulate heroes.

Coming This Fall Giffen writes the book like a typical prime-time comedy complete with hijinks and puns. In fact even during all the serious action, there is a little goofiness in every scene. Luckily the new series did not take this page out of the playbook. Again, it works for the late 80s.

Payback Do you think the reason Max Lord killed Ted was because Ted had a nervous breakdown in this issue and stabbed him. I mean no one remembers that Ted instigated this fight. I’m not saying he deserved to be killed for it, I am just saying they have some history.

Enter Stage Right Before she became a full-time member (thanks to the aforementioned mind push from Maxwell), the Huntress jumped in to save Max’s life from an off-balance Blue Beetle, who decided to add Master Culinary Cutter to his resume.

Jumping to Conclusions Huntress saves the day, takes out Beetle and is about to get Max to the hospital when she is stopped by a current member of the JLI who only sees the evidence and wanders why she did what she did. Oops. You are never going to believe who it is that finds and accuses her.

Late 80s Bats Its old school Batman in this issue, complete with the yellow-chest insignia with the black bat in the middle. The good old days. But I digress.

Can I Purchase This Awesome Issue? But of course, it is currently in the back issue bin at BNW Willow Grove and also in volume four of the the collected Justice League International trade paperback at both locations.

What I Liked This Week

Posted by bnwadmin On August - 18 - 2010

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Riley One-Shot Jane Espenson (w), Karl Moline, Andy Owens (a)

Answers The best part about this issue is it fills in some of the blanks re: Riley’s involvement with Twilight during the just completed story arc.

Kudos to Espenson whose “Retreat” story arc was less than stellar. She rebounds with an awesome tale and really captured the two characters voices, especially Marc Blucas’ intonations as Riley. I know that sounds impossible with a comic, but while I was reading it, it sounded like him in my head.

Bonus The story does not just take place from Riley’s POV but from another character’s as well (a certain vampire w/a soul) that also assists in understanding the “Twilight” story from another perspective.

Married Life Remember when Riley returned in Buffy’s life, with a wife in tow? Well Espenson does a real nice job of giving us the witty back-and-forth we have come to expect from an episode or issue of Buffy with Riley and his lady.

New Avengers #3 Brian Michael Bendis (w), Stuart Immonen, Wade Von Grawbadger (a)

It’s the Power Girl of the Marvel Universe It’s the best way I know to explain how much fun I have when reading New Avengers. Granted it is a different kind of fun than Palmiotti and Gray’s run on PG, but good times just the same.

Mystics This story has its roots before the Siege storyline in the first volumes of New Avengers, but continues in the latest title with Doctor Strange, Voodoo and Hellstrom trying to keep the Eye of Agamotto away from the big bad – wait until you see who this is.

Banter I love the nonsensical conversations they have during battle, like everyday they are turning away demon spawns in the middle of NYC as Spidey, Thing and Ms Marvel have a conversation about Ghostbusters while saving the day.

Clobberin … Oops. The Thing does not want to use his trademark moniker with his new squad, much to the disappointment of our Friendly Neighborhood web-head.

Wolverine Weapon X #16 Jason Aaron (w), Davide Gianfelice (a)

Say Goodbye to my Little Elf This is Wolverine’s goodbye story to Nightcrawler. It was really well done.

Faith Aaron really writes the Wolverine-Nightcrawler relationship well taking us back to key moments in their lives together with new scenes that make sense and build layers to their already strong friendship.

Top of the Hill Kurt’s will is the spur to action in this story, taking Wolverine to the top of a mountain where he gets another lesson in life and faith from his furry, blue buddy. The story is not about getting there, but the journey to get there.

2 Comics I Wanna Read Tomorrow

Posted by BRiAN On August - 17 - 2010

So Ex Machina #50 comes out tomorrow and thus ends another series of which I have every issue in my collection (including the free version of #1 and the behind the machine issues) and that I have been reading since college. Let’s look at that and another series that ends tomorrow as well…

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Willow Grove to Discuss Asterios Polyp!

Posted by bnwadmin On August - 17 - 2010

Join Brave New Worlds Willow Grove Book Discussion on Saturday, August 28 @ 7 p.m. as we dissect David Mazzuchelli’s 2010 Eisner Award-Winning Asterios Polyp.

What They Are Saying About Asterios Polyp

“A beautifully executed love story.” Los Angeles Times

“Sprawling, trippy, moving and a hell of a lot fun.” Entertainment Weekly

Asterios Polyp is all the more remarkable because the achievement it represents is so delicate and ephemeral – it’s a tale that could only be told on the knife-edge where text and art come seamlessly together.”NPR


2009 Los Angeles Times Book Prize Graphic Novel Award – Inaugural

2010 Eisner Award Best New Graphic Novel

2010 Eisner Award Best Writer/Artist

2010 Eisner Award Best Lettering

What Is It All About

Funny enough, its about a man named Asterios Polyp who is a professor at Cornell University as well as an architect. After a lightning strike takes out his home, he decides to move to a random small town where he becomes an auto mechanic.

Pre-Order 11-Dr AF Set Today!

Posted by bnwadmin On August - 16 - 2010

If you are fan of Dr. Who, you know how rare and hard to get Dr. Who swag is around these parts. Brave New Worlds wants to make sure you are not left out in the cold. Hit the jump to find out how to pre-order the 11-Doctor Action Figure Collector Set.

Both Brave New Worlds locations are now taking pre-orders for the UK-imported Doctor Who 11-Doctor Action Figure Collector Set, tentatively due in stores October 2010. This set is only going to be available for a limited time, and once they sell out, that’s it. So don’t delay. Pre-orders must be into Brave New Worlds no later than 5 p.m. on August 30. Pre-orders must also be accompanied with a full deposit of $119.99.

For nearly 50 years audiences have enjoyed the 11 men who have portrayed the Time Lord known as Dr. Who on the BBC series. Now you can own the complete action figure set, including a likeness the latest actor to portray the Doctor – Matt Smith. This boxed set features 5-inch figures of all 11 Doctors.

On Sale August 18

Posted by bnwadmin On August - 15 - 2010

Amazing Spider-Man #640

Joe Quesada (w), Joe Quesada, Marcos Martin (a)

One Moment in Time ends here as they finally spill how the world forgot Peter is Spidey and where do they go from here. My money is on Disney World!

Boys Highland Laddie #1 (of 6)

Garth Ennis (w), John McCrea, Keith Burns (a)

Because you asked for it, nay, demanded it, Hughie’s origin story.

Brightest Day #8

Geoff Johns, Peter Tomasi (w)

Is Deadman the White Lantern? Well this issue is so secret there ain’t no cover image available – WHAT THE FRAK!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Riley One-Shot

Jane Espenson (w), Karl Moline, Andy Owens (a)

Riley a double-agent. What’s in the world of Carmen San Diego is going on here. Find out what’s really going on in the first new Buffy story in awhile.

Shadowland Daughters of Shadow #1

Jason Henderson (w), Ivan Rodriguez (a)

Turns out Colleen Wing has been hiding a secret. Daredevil uncovers that secret. Guess who is working for Daredevil’s new world order now?

Shadowland Power Man #1 (of 4)

Fred Van Lente (w), Mahmud Asrar (a)

There’s a new Power Man in town. Guess who’s pissed!

True Blood #2

Alan Ball, David Tischman, Mariah Huehner (w), David Messina (a)

Plotted by HBO showrunner Ball, the second issue about the exploits of Sookie and her wacky friends is here.

Dark Rain A New Orleans Story HC

Mat Johnson (w), Simon Gane (a)

Set in the days after Hurricane Katrina, two small-time crooks decide to take advantage of all the chaos and confusion beset New Orleans. As you can imagine this will end well.

Marvelman Classic Premiere HC Volume 1

Mick Anglos (w), Mick Anglo (a)

Reprints the original stories – collecting 1954’s Marvelman #25, 27-34 in original black and white. Enjoy!

Siege Thor Premiere HC

Collects Thor #607-610, New Mutants #11 and Siege: Loki One-Shot.

X-Factor Premiere HC Second Coming

Collects X-Factor #204-206, Nation X: X-Factor.

And for those interested in seeing that deleted scene mention in the teaser, click here.