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Posted by bnwadmin On August - 1 - 2010

Amazing Spider-Man #639

Joe Quesda (w), Joe Quesada, Paolo Rivera (a)

Part two of One Moment in Time. MJ reveals exactly what she has not been saying in this issue.

Baltimore Plague Ships #1

Mike Mignola, Christopher Golden (a), Ben Stenbeck (a)

It’s the end of WWI and Europe has become overrun with vampires (damn pesky rodents). Lord Henry Baltimore will be having none of that and now you know what our story is about.

Batman Odyssey #2

Neal Adams (w, a)

All-new Neal Adams mini-series continues as Batman slowly loses control.

Brightest Day #7

Geoff Johns, Peter Tomasi (w)

There can be only one, no not Highlander but White Lantern. Is it really Deadman? Is anything as it really seems in this book?

Magnus Robot Fighter #1

Jim Shooter (w), Bill Reinhold (a)

Dark Horse Comics rebirth of one of comics most iconic heroes is here.

Marvel Universe vs Punisher #1

Harvey Klinger Inc. (w), Goran Parlov (a)

As always, the Punisher is the one dude willing to go the extra mile when it is stopping injustice. This time he needs to take down the heroes of the Marvel Universe. Cap is going to be upset.

New Mutants Forever #1

Chris Claremont (w), Alvaro Rio, Bill Sienkiewicz, Bob McLeod (a)

Headmaster Magneto has just joined the Hellfire Club, and the New Mutants have to team up with the Black Queen. See where Claremont decides to go with this story now.

Shadowland #2

Andy Diggle (w), Billy Tan, Victor Olazaba (a)

The battle for New York begins now as Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Spidey team-up with Kingpin (Yes, the big guy himself) to take down DD. Wonder if they are going to take out DC Comics offices while they are at it.

Superman Last Family of Krypton #1

Cary Bates (w), Renato Arlem (a)

Elseworlds tale as Bates returns to the House of El.

Thor Rage of Thor #1

Peter Milligan (w), Michael Suayan (a)

One-Shot! Outcast from Asgard, Thor has settled into a new life with a wife, but of course every time you think you are out, they just pull you back in.

Cinderella From Fabletown with Love TP

Collects six-issue mini-series as Fabletown’s top secret agent must stop illegal trafficking of supernatural artifacts.

Losers Book 2 TP

Andy Diggle (w), Jock, Ale Garza, Ben Oliver (a)

Collects issues #13-32 of the hit series.

Punisher Max Naked Kills TP

Collects Punisher Max; Buttefly, Get Castle, Naked Kill and Punisher Max Annual.

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