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First Friday’s Innernettes

Posted by BRiAN On August - 6 - 2010

Once again I attempt to put together a list of links…recently I have been forgetting to bookmark some of the good ones…so let’s take a look around the internet and see what I have for you today!

The Comics Alliance’s Chris Sims posted some really awesome re-imaginings of comic favorites as if they were made into videogames in the early 90s. I love the Thor x Mega Man and the Hellboy x Castlevania ones sooooo much but I really love the Mario Bros. 3 x Watchmen mash-up. CHECK ‘EM OUT HERE

•Speaking of Thor check out this image from Comic Book Resources’ photo parade from San Diego.

Stan sits atop Odin's throne @ SDCC

•Anything and Everything Grant Morrison will do for me thank you very much. CBR also has some Grant on their site: CHECK IT OUT HERE

•Get psyched for the new season (or whatever they end up calling it) of Venture Bros! CHECK THIS PROMO OUT HERE

•If you stop by BNW Old City on Saturday (tomorrow 8/7/10) and purchase a copy of Scott Pilgrim vol 6 BRiAN will give you a pass for a Preview Screening of the MOIVE which will be held at the Ritz East (just south of BNW O.C. on 2nd street) on Wednesday August 11th @ 7:30pm!!! These passes are of course while supplies last and do not guarantee a seat in the theatre…you have to get there early and get a spot in line. BUT HEY IT’S TOTALLY WORTH IT TO SEE IT EARLY!!! Also the movie is super sweet by the way!

•If you read blogs or just kinda go on the internet you have probably come across this image this week. It’s from an Uncle Scrooge comic where the Beagle Boys invade Scrooge’s dreams. This apparently got the innernette’s collective underwear in a bunch as people who love Inception and hate Inception (a surprising number of people don’t like the movie but i wont get into that at all) draw comparisons between he two. While I was watching Inception I was reminded of the ever influential 1960s BBC series The Prisoner and namely the episode A. B. AND C. in which #2 uses a crazy machine to infiltrate/influence #6’s dreams.

Here we see #6 having his dreams all poked around like.

When I first saw it I was reminded of the Matrix films, while other episodes reminded me of many things ranging from Grant Morrison’s Seaguy to Jean-Claude Van Damme’s 1998 film Double Team, and now Inception has become the latest in the children/grandchildren of stories touched by this series that was so far ahead of its’ time it’s hard to believe. Anyway I love the Prisoner.

•Slash Film has a NSFW Darth Vader and Arnold Schwarzenegger mash-up! ENJOY IT HERE

•The LOST epilogue…I haven’t watched it yet but let’s see if it’s better than the end of the show (which still makes me mad) CHECK IT OUT HERE

•Lastly don’t we all wish that we could just find an Action Comics #1…CHECK THIS OUT

Enjoy the weekend everyone! See you for First Friday in Old City?!?!

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