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Posted by bnwadmin On July - 18 - 2010

Define interesting – oh my, oh my we’re all going to die, or this week’s comics – take your pick! Hit the jump to find out what’s in the Brave New Worlds spotlight for Wednesday, July 21.

Amazing Spider-Man #638

Stan Lee, Joe Quesada (w), Paolo Rivera, Marcus Martin, Joe Quesada (a)

One Moment in Time begins here. Your questions from Brand New Day answered. Does MJ really know if Pete is Spidey? What happened at their wedding? How did the change affect the Marvel U? Why is the sky blue? (Ok, maybe not that last one).

Avengers #3

Brian Michael Bendis (w). John Romita Jr (a)

The space time continuum is broken. That can’t be good.

Batman Beyond #2

Adam Beechen (w), John Stanisci (a)

No matter what time period, every bat has to have a cat.

Brightest Day #6

Geoff Johns, Peter Tomasi (w)

Finally, Deadman discovers the truth behind the formation of the white, plus everyone finds out what the deal is behind their resurrections. I think Martian Manhunter came back because he wanted oreos – just a hunch.

GI Joe A Real American Hero #156

Larry Hama (w), Augustin Padilla (a)

Here it is, the return of the old Marvel 1980s GI Joe storyline with new stories.

Justice Society of America #41

James Robinson (w), Mark Bagley, Norm Rapmund (a)

Part two of JLA/JSA crossover.

New Avengers #2

Brian Michael Bendis (w), Stuart Immonen, Wade Van Grawbadger (a)

This is the magic issue, complete with Dr. Strange and Dr. Voodoo.

Time Masters Vanishing Point #1 (of 6)

Dan Jurgens (w), Dan Jurgens, Norm Rapmund (a)

Remember that panel in Return of Bruce Wayne #1, when Superman, Green Lantern and Rip Hunter were moving through time looking for Batman? Well, this is what happened.

Ultimate Comics New Ultimates #3 (of 5)

Jeph Loeb (w), Frank Cho (a)

Thor’s back. And he also has a front. But his return has consequences as someone must take his place in the Ultimate Universe’s version of Valhalla, and word is they don;t have cable.

Blackest Night Rise of the Black Lanterns HC

Complete your collection with the final Blackest Night hardcover. Collects the seven Blackest Night ons-shots.

Captain America Two Americas HC

John Rhett Thomas (w), Butch Guice, Luke Ross (a)

Collects Captain America #602-605 and Captain America Who Will Wield the Shield one-shot.

Dark Avengers TP Volume 2 Molecule Man

Brian Michael Bendis (w), Mike Deodato (a)

Collects Dark Avengers #9-12

Green Lantern Rage of the Red Lanterns TP

Geoff Johns (w), Various (a)

Collects Green Lantern #26-28, 36-38 and Final Crisis Rage of the Red Lanterns #1.

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