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Posted by bnwadmin On July - 12 - 2010

For Asgard! Superstar artist Simone Bianchi is scheduled to take his talents to everyone’s favorite Asgardian in the six-issue mini-series Thor: For Asgard this September with writer Robert Rodi.

The One We all know how much of a chip Namor has own his shoulder on a regular day, so there will be no living with him in August when he stars in his new ongoing seriesNamor: The First Mutant by Stuart Moore and Ariel Olivetti. Jae Lee will be doing the covers.

She’s Back Well this is a long-awaited return to the world of DC, it might not be the return fans were expecting as Death comes back – in Action Comics. Seems Lex’s obsession is drawing a lot of attention from all sorts of characters, eh.

New Generation While everyone’s favorite mutants are battling Dracula’s sibling in their new title (X-Men #1 on sale now at Brave New Worlds), they will be pulling double duty not that Second Coming concludes this week with The Five Lights storyline beginning next month in Uncanny X-Men #526 by Matt Fraction.

Forever and Ever and … First there was X-Men Forever, followed by X-Factor Forever, so of course we are going to get New Mutants Forever in August by Chris Claremont and Alex Rios. Claremont starts right when Magneto decides to join the Hellfire Club so they of course join with the Black Queen. Good times should be had by all.

A Long Time Ago … Dark Horse Comics is prepping another new Star Wars series to debut in October that takes place before the fall of the Sith – Star Wars Knight Errant. Knight Errant follows Kerra Holt, a lone Jedi operating behind enemy lines (how exciting!). There will also be a Del Rey novel tie-in.

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