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So I Saw Scott Pilgrim Last Night

Posted by BRiAN On July - 30 - 2010

Last night some loyal (Scott) pilgrims waited in the (not as bad as it could have been/or has been recently) late July evening heat to see an advance screening of one of Nerd/Geekdoms most anticipated movies this summer…Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Also I have links…

I’m not gonna attempt to “write” a review of the film here. However I will say that it was super awesome, super entertaining and minus a few things very different than any movie I have ever seen before. Between this movie and Inception the movie I have been waiting for years to see, the Expendables, has a lot to live up to. Also, and i am just putting this one out there, I don’t think Envy was hot enough.

•After seeing Scott Pilgrim (and actually i’ve not read any of the volumes beyond v.3) I was reminded that there was a video of our Scott Pilgrim v.6 Midnight Release from last monday. Check it out over on

•This link is NSFW (unless you are wearing headphones). It’s the new Soulja Boy song in which he references the crap outta Anime and Wrestling. I have no idea what it means to look like Goku (nor does Rob who showed this to me late last night) but it makes for a great/ridiculous rap song. HERE

•Sometimes movie companies like to take big ol’ craps on movies from my childhood  that I love. The latest is news is the guy who directed Live Free or Die Hard (i enjoy that movie while Rob does not) and also wrote Ultraviolet (ugh… but Rob loves Mila Jovovich) is going to be directing the remake of Total Recall. You can read about it over at Slashfilm.

•Mash-ups abound!

Bill and Ted meet Inception

Sienfeld as a thriller

Seinfeld as a romantic drama

Bloodsport as a Mentos commercial (this rules too much)

•Did I just mention Inception up there?! Check out this image!

•Here’s some sick pencil art. I mean this is crazy! Check this out

•This just in. Fat kids have the internet too.

•Science recently combined a Donkey with a Zebra. It will one day rebel against its creators…once it gets the taste for human flesh…check it out here

•This rules

•Who knew Superman was such a creeper?!

•Check out these sweet Star Wars propaganda poster on pre-order over here

•And lastly this man is running for office in America….

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