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2 Comics I Wanna Read Tomorrow

Posted by BRiAN On July - 27 - 2010

Hey look what I decided to to again…go thru my stack of comics and let you know what I am looking forward to reading…Hit the jump to see what I went with this week…

Wolverine Origins #50: So I have been buying this series for 50 issues (plus crossover and tie-in type issues) and just about 4 and a quarter years (Brave New Worlds Old City is almost 3 years old this Sept 1st…) and while I haven’t loved all of it there have been some awesome issues. Mostly the ones where Nick Fury shows up and tells ol’ Logan about his past or ones where sweet past loose ends are tied up nicely. While I wasn’t all that thrilled with the outcome of what the heck Romulus is or is not (and how Wolvie dealt with him) I accept it. I should probably go back now and re-read this series as a whole and see if there are things that I may have missed or directions it could have gone…but as of now I am holding the final issue. What does it have going for it? Nick Fury showed up last issue and apparently loose ends may get tied up (Daniel Way said when he started this series that he’s had a plan for the ending but I have had doubts…). I am just hoping that as a long time Wolverine fan (you latch onto something as a kid and sometimes you still just can’t let go) this end leaves me satisfied and not let down.

Wolverine Origins #50, Daniel Way/Will Conrad, 40 pages, full color, $3.99, Marvel Comics

Franken-Castle #19: I guess I am in a Wolverine type mood tonight…but I just can’t to read the 2nd installment in the Punishment storyline that started last week in Dark Wolverine #88. Frank Castle has gotten past those monster killer types that threatened his recently gone monster self for the last couple issues and has decided to hunt down and take out Daken, Wolverine’s son introduced in Wolverine Origins a few years back (where the heck have you been!?!), for doing what so many had tried and failed to do in the past: Kill the Punisher. ALSO I just looked at the cover and saw that Tony Moore’s name is on this issue. That makes me so much more excited to read this issue. (Maybe Abbot and Costello will make an appearance in this monster moive!)

Franken-Castle #19, Rick Remender/Tony Moore, 32 Pages, Full Color, $2.99, Marvel Comics

(also i think i will be reading the 4 issues of this series tonight)

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