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It’s Friday innernette! Wait where’s Brian?

Posted by BRiAN On June - 11 - 2010

I hope this little list of links helps make your Friday just a little bit more bearable this week. Remember the weekend is almost here…and if you are in Philly that also means Wizard World.

•Hey look our local Philly buddy/author/all around great guy (and current scribe of Deadpool: Wade Wilson’s War…#1 of which is out this week) Duane Swierczynski will be taking over the writing chores for Marvel’s red headed Russian spy this September. Check it out over @ Newsarama CLICK HERE

•I’m sure you have all seen it by now…there’s a new Mortal Kombat trailer that no one knew what the heck was up with when it came out the other day…if not CLICK HERE

•I’ve been really digging the Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne story for the story as well as the sweet art teams that have been involved (heck in all of Morrison’s run on Batman and Robin too)…I was saddened to read a tweet from Cameron Stewart last week about his departure. To read what he had to say on his blog  CLICK HERE

•Just so you get your weekly dose of Scott Pilgrim (doctor recommended [by 9 out of 9 doctors]) re-watch the 2nd trailer is beautiful hi-def today! CLICK HERE
Ice Cube and The Roots did a pre-show rendition of Straight Outta Compton for the audience as a warmup the other night for the Jimmy Fallon show. Damn I think this is the only time that I really wish I was in the audience for that show CLICK HERE
•Slashfilm has been covering an apparent Prop-Newspaper that shows up in darn near everything! This rules! CLICK HERE (for their original coverage) and CLICK HERE (for updated coverage)
•The Onion’s AV CLUB reviewed some comics last week. Some of them are ones that Rob and I have really enjoyed. Check it out! CLICK HERE
•Emma Frost is a vampire now?! This whole vampire thing is really grinding my gears…Marvel Released a teaser CLICK HERE
•Newsarama also has a sweet little look into the world of comic book design. Check it out! CLICK HERE
•Watch a hilarious video parody about SUPER F%^&-UP BP where they spill coffee on a conference table and not oil in a large body of water…CLICK HERE
•And lastly from me this week is some Preadators news! CLICK HERE

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