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Friday… innernette… world cup action

Posted by BRiAN On June - 18 - 2010

Here’s a small list of links and such to check out for your friday! hit the jump to see what I figured I’d share today

•Hey there’s this little world wide sporting event going on right now in South Africa that you may have heard of called THE WORLD CUP! (as i write this USA has just scored a goal over Slovenia [they also should have won that game now that it’s over, ending in a tie…)…Comic creators are tweeting about it (Warren Ellis and Andy Diggle are two of them that i have noticed) the world is a buzz about it…and if you haven’t started watching it yet here’s your chance. ESPN3 has all of the games streaming live online and you can even go back and watch all of the previous games from this cup. Get psyched for some soccer action CLICK HERE

•A Russian website had some real bad@$$ pictures from the summers most anticipated action epic of all time that I may have talked  about a bit here before…PREDATORS! Sadly they must have been told to take them down since I was going to include them in today’s links…CLICK HERE (to see where the stuff would have been…) Though after some intense searching (i do this for you) I did re-find those pictures over at SlashFilm CLICK HERE

•This past week we lost another great in the world of comics when we lost Al Williamson. Newsarama has a great post where comic creators remember the great Flash Gordon artist. CLICK HERE

•E3 is happening…its like the San Diego Comic Con for video games. So far (besides the Nintendo 3DS) the trailer for Star Wars: the Old Republic is the best thing I have seen. CLICK HERE

or wait…how about Force Unleashed 2 trailer CLICK HERE

•While I am already talking Star Wars how about you take a look at a list of 27 Star Wars References That Are Also Sexual References. CLICK HERE

•And for my last Star Wars link I give to you Han Solo Soap. CLICK HERE

Aint It Cool News covered Wizard World Philly.CLICK HERE

•Aint It Cool also has some set pics from the comic series turning AMC series Walking Dead. CLICK HERE

•And I will leave you this week with a look at some of the gameplay videos from Marvel vs Capcom 3 that Comic Book Resources so nicely put all on one page for me. If you are a fan of Deadpool then you will love this. CLICK HERE

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