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2 Comics I Wanna Read Tomorrow

Posted by BRiAN On June - 8 - 2010

Comics come out tomorrow. Let’s look two books I am pretty darn sure I will end up reading…Hit the jump

This week I find myself in a bit of a crisis (neither infinite or final) when it comes down to my first choice…and I will explain…

Captain America #606: While Ed Brubaker’s Cap has been one of the best reinventions of a major player for either Marvel or DC in the last 10 years or so (Morrison’s Batman & Robin and possibly All Star Superman all are battling for that #1 spot in my mind) I’m not sure how much I really wanted to continue reading the title. Cap used to be one of those books that I saved ’til last the week it came out (scalped, goon, fear agent, daytripper all occupy this spot as well in their respected weeks) but recently I almost had to force myself to read it. I really didn’t like the 50s Cap Racist US Militant Group storyline. I wanted to. I read it. I own all of the issues. But sometimes it just felt like a forced way to end the fact that there was that other Crazy-Cap running around with Steve Rogers face on. And Captain America: Reborn (while i liked it) left me with a bit of an odd taste in my mouth. So as I read Cap #605 and Bucky Cap’s (who i really like as Cap btw…maybe more than Steve) line “…Captain Un-America” I cringed. Would I pick up the next issue?! Well wouldn’t you know it…they showed me the cover it in the back right before I closed it. Zemo! Gol-dernit Brubaker you sucked me back in once again! Maybe I am just a sucker for a sweet villain costume or the fact that the guy is a crazy Nazi with a sword (and they do still make the best bad guys!) but I saw that imaged and I knew i was in for this arc.

Captain America #606, Ed Brubaker/Butch  Guice, 40 pages (including Nomad backup…), full color, Marvel Comics

•Batman #700: Unlike the Cap #606 I go into this issue guns-a-blazing! This is an issue jam packed with AWESOME! That is if you have been enjoying what Morrison has been doing with Batman…and I sure as $#^% have been. While I am not a huge fan of Dave Finch (but that is one mean Bat-Cover if i do say so…and i do) like a lot of fans out there are this issue has got to have something for everyone (artwise that is). From Finch to Kubert (Andy) to Tony Daniel to Frank Quietly this book should have it all! Not to mention the story focuses on all the iterations of Batmen…Bruce, Dick and Damien (Batman #666 if you don’t remember)! I can’t wait to read this thing! And as we get closer to Bruce’s eventual return I really can’t read enough of Morrison’s Bat.

Batman #700, Grant Morrison/EVERYONE, 32 pages, full color, $4.99, DC Comics

Also just in case you were wondering, Buzzard #1 comes out this week and since it is a Goon comic I will be reading it last…sorry Daytripper #7 which also comes out tomorrow you are bumped…

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