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Posted by bnwadmin On May - 9 - 2010

Astonishing X-Men Xenogenesis #1 (of 5) Warren Ellis (w), Kaare Andrews (a)

Astonishing X-Men is back as Ellis welcomes in the Heroic Age for Marvel’s first family of mutants.  Something is going on in Africa (isn’t it always) after a newborn sprouts electrodes and explodes (sounds like fun).  Could this be another mutant birth?  Only one way to find out.

Dark Avengers #16 Siege Tie-In Brian Michael Bendis (w), Michael Deodato (p), James Robinson (i)

Series finale alert.  That’s right, there’s a funeral, Norman’s fate is decided and the fun-psychotic ride that has been the Dark Avengers concludes here.

New Avengers Finale #1 Siege Tie-In Brian Michael Bendis (w), Bryan Hitch (p), Jackson Guice (i)

Read this after Siege #4.  And you read this right, another Avengers book this week, another series finale.  In the wake of the conclusion to the Siege, what will become of the New Avengers in this new heroic age.

New Mutants #13 Second Coming Chapter 7 Zeb Wells (w), Ibraim Roberson (a)

Locked in on Utopia, the teams begin to splinter in regards to Hope as Cyclops desperately tries to rally the troops for the climatic battle.  Question is, when and where will it come.

Siege #4 Brian Michael Bendis (w), Joe Quesada (p), Mark Morales (i)

Double-sized finale brings the Dark Reign to an end.  Marvel promises that every single page of this issue is a shocker.  There will be deaths, heroes will fall, villains will get theirs and lives will be changed.  No doubt we will be reading this one off the truck!

Wolverine #900 Various (w), Various (a)

Five all-new tales of everyone’s favorite Canuck led by David Finch.  There are ninjas, morlocks and pirates, because you just can’t have a party without them anymore.

Incredible Hulk Fall of Hulks Premiere Hardcover Greg Pak, Jeff Parker (w), Paul Pelletier (p)

Collecting Incredible Hulk #606-608 and Fall of the Hulks: Alpha.  Bruce Banner and the Hulk separated.  The Red Hulk working with the good guys.  The Frightful Four taking out Reed Richards and Doom.  All this craziness can really mean one thing, the Fall of the Hulks!

War of Kings Trade Paperback Various (P), Various (a)

Now that the Skrulls invasion of Earth failed, it’s time for the Inhumans to step up as the BMOC in the universe.  Collects Secret Invasion Road to War of Kings, War of Kings #1-6, War of Kings Who Will Rule and Marvel Spotlight War of Kings.

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