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Red Son Rising Over O.C.

Posted by BRiAN On May - 24 - 2010

In June the Old City Book Discussion Group will be talking about Superman: Red Son by Mark Millar and Dave Johnson. Hit the jump for details…

Just stop by and grab a copy of Red Son, read it and then be in the Old City lobby on Monday June 14th at 7pm with your best discussion gear on. This is going to be a good one!

Superman: Red Son

Mark Millar and Dave Johnson

TP- $17.99 or HC:-$24.99

DC Comics

Here’s a quick synopsis:

In the intriguing SUPERMAN: RED SON, the classic myth of the Man of Steel is re-imagined and reinvented as the infamous rocket ship crash-lands in the fields of the Ukraine. Raised in Russia, Superman grows to become the Soviet Union’s greatest weapon as the world is transformed into a communist state opposed only by the crumbling capitalistic America and its President Lex Luthor. Now as Superman stands on the brink of ultimate power, three heroes, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern, each make a valiant stand to destroy the reign of the Man of Steel.

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