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OC To Read Asterios Polyp

Posted by BRiAN On May - 10 - 2010

Come to Brave New Worlds Old City @ 7pm on May 17th and join the discussion as we take a crack at the (future) Eisner Winner Asterios Polyp and see why this book ! (You wont be sorry for reading this one…or mad at Rob for picking it)

•“As ever, Mazzucchelli keeps both the visual and storytelling fireworks coming…This is a work that demands to be read, re-read, analyzed, and discussed.”—Comics Bulletin

•“Mazzucchelli manages to combine breathless formal experimentation and read feeling into a story where every line, color choice, and panel arrangement builds toward a cohesive whole, lending an air of epic proportions to what would otherwise be a simple tale.” –Library Journal
•“This is an epic, emotionally rich, symbol-laden work that promises to redefine the graphic novel…David Mazzucchelli has made a beautiful, elaborate construction that coyly juggles style and content in a way few cartoonists are capable of.” –Globe and Mail

•“The beauty of Asterios Polyp is that its core tenet, the need to pay attention to life as it happens, is so well reflected in the book itself—in its lush paper tone and rough-hewn, elegant design—and in the way all the formal devices serve the story. As such, it rewards attention and even devotion.” –Bookforum

•“This fan of the novel is an ever bigger fan of the magic that happens in comics, and only in comics, when text and art work together to create something wholly, wonderfully new. In books like Jimmy Corrigan — and the just released ASTERIOS POLYP by David Mazzucchelli, it happens on every. Single. Page.”—NPR.ORG

•The Diamond Distribution Solicitation info:

Asterios Polyp’s New York lifestyle goes up in flames. Trying to rebuild, he leaves the city and relocates to a small town in the American heartland. But what is this “escape” really about? The pieces of Polyp’s life come together as past and present collide, and the mystery of Hana, the artist he loved, deepens. Mazzucchelli’s extraordinarily imagined world of brilliantly conceived eccentrics becomes a masterpiece: a great American graphic novel.

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