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A Character To Learn More About

Posted by BRiAN On May - 8 - 2010

I’m gonna ride the wave that is Iron Man 2 (if its not really a wave it is in my mind so there) and look up a character from the movie that I don’t know too much about and share some stuff with you. Hit the jump to see who I picked for this week.


Movie version (L) and crappy art version (R)...ugh that coloring hurts my brain

I honestly don’t know much about Happy. I just learned that he was married to Pepper Potts. He is a Marvel Comics character that was created by Stan “the Man” Lee and Don “what the heck* Heck in September 1963’s Tales of Suspense #45. A boxer with losing record he is hired by Tony Stark to be his personal driver and assistant. It’s not for another 2 years in real time until Happy learns that Tony is in fact Iron Man.

•Read his Wikipedia entry HERE

•Read his Comic Vine entry HERE (actually dont even bother…its crap compared to the Wiki…i just did it to keep the appearance of this column the same…maybe you can go there and edit it to make it better…)

Further reading about characters from Iron Man 2:

•Ivan Vanko- who wasn’t Whiplash but instead was originally the Crimson Dynamo. Read his Wikipedia Entry HERE

•Justin Hammer- hey look. He’s older and British. Read his Wikipedia Entry HERE

*not real nickname as far as i know.

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