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2 Books I Wanna Read Tomorrow

Posted by BRiAN On May - 11 - 2010

A movie/tv show star/famous person writing a comic?…nothing new there. The return of a “dead” character?…again nothing really new either. Both of these books happen to be #1’s though… Hit the jump to see what books I wanna read tomorrow…

•FRENEMY OF THE STATE #1: If you watched the Office, the American version, then you remember when Jim went off to Connecticut(sorry) for a short time and came back with a smokin’ hot ladyfriend who was super cool (that apparently no one liked cause it’s all about Jim and Pam...whatever i stopped watching that show like 3 or 4 years ago or so)…anyway I digress. That was Rashida Jones, the daughter of this man. Anyway she’s writing a comic with some other guys, I dunno, about- I’ll just let the solicit information speak for itself:

An all-new series from the star of NBC’s Parks & Recreation and veteran comic scribes DeFilippis and Weir! Ariana Von Holmberg is an heiress with a secret. But what she’s hiding isn’t a sex tape or a drug addiction or an affair with a professional golfer – it’s a new career as a CIA operative! What better cover for an agent than a globe-trotting care-free femme with a penchant for flights of fancy? But can Ari balance her high society obligations with her new role as a spy or will the weight of two worlds bring her dual lives to a violent end?

Frenemy of the State #1, Rashida Jones/Christina Weir/Nunzio DeFilippis/Jeff Wamester, $3.99, 32-pages, Full Color, Oni Press

•BATMAN: THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #1: Remember when Batman died in Batman RIP? Or was it in Final Crisis? (Both available at your choice of Brave New Worlds location btw [and also homework if you haven’t read them yet]). SPOILERS Well he didn’t die in either book. That last page of Final Crisis told it all…or if you understand how Darkseid’s Omega Effect/Sanction works you knew he wasn’t really a gonner. Or if you just read comics you know they can’t just flat out kill a huge money maker. With that said I am seriously hoping that the story they are going to tell with Bruce Wayne lost in time is going to rule and not just be a ploy to get me to buy 6 more Batbooks. Grant Morrison, who has been kicking ass and taking names in Batman & Robin (the first 6 issues are in a HC available at both BNWs locations and its purchase will count towards your Book Club Credit) with 3-issue arcs done by all-star art talent. Here they have simplified it even more, so that each issue becomes a spotlight on a specific artist. First off we get Chris Sprouse (Tom Strong w/ Alan Moore) and he draws a mean caveman batman. I can’t wait!

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1, Grant Morrison/Chris Sprouse, $3.99, 48-pages, Full Color, DC Comics

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