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Spotlight On …

Posted by bnwadmin On May - 30 - 2010

New comics are pushed back to Thursday due to Memorial Day, but we think you’ll agree the will be worth the wait when you see what is heading to shelves. Hit the jump for some of this week’s spotlight releases.

Avengers Prime #1

Brian Michael Bendis (w), Alan Davis, Mark Farmer (a)

The Big Three are back (and we are not talking senators from Michigan).  Cap, Iron Man and Thor were the best of friends and teammates until the Civil War divided them. Now they are all back in the saddle again, but can they recapture those feelings from the good old-days?

Hawkeye & Mockingbird #1

Jim McCann (w), David Lopez, Alvaro Lopez Ortiz de Urbina (a)

They’re back, and we are not just talking Hawkeye and Mockingbird, but the West Coast Avengers. The creative team behind New Avengers: The Reunion team up to present our heroes with an all-new threat with an old twist thrown in.

Joker’s Asylum: The Riddler (1 of 4)

Peter Calloway (w), Clayton Henry (a)

All-new installments of the Joker’s Asylum starts here (the first of four in a weekly series). That crazy clown is back to narrate all-new tales from Batman’s gallery of foes – Harley Quinn, Mad Hatter, Clayface and Killer Croc to follow.

Mouse Guard Legends of the Guards #1 (of 4)

Jeremy Bastian, Alex Sheikman, Ted Naifeh, David Petersen (w)

Inside the June Alley Inn, mice gather to tell tales and outdo one another.  New anthology with new stories by creator Peterson, with others hand-picked by him.

Red Hood Lost Days #1 (of 6)

Judd Winick (w), Pablo Raimondi (a)

Winick explores the lost adventure of Jason Todd, revealing the secret that led to his death and destruction.

Serenity Float Out One-Shot

Patton Oswalt (w), Patric Reynolds (a)

Comedian Oswalt dips back into the world of comics to spotlight on the many beloved characters from Joss Whedon’s Firefly – Wash.  Three brand-new tales of terrible one-liners and aerial acrobatics that will send fans reeling with its surprise cameo.

Thanos Imperative #1 (One-Shot)

Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning (w), Aleksi Briclot, Miguel Angel Sepulveda (a)

Welcome to the end of everything. The Fault has opened and dark forces of a rival universe are pouring through, a universe where there is no death. And Thanos is the universe’s only hope.

Final Crisis TP

Grant Morrison (w), J.G. Jones, Carlos Pacheco, Jesus Merino (a)

Collected in tradepaperback, all eight issues of last year’s Final Crisis mini-series.  The New Gods are dead, long live the New Gods. Darkseid is back and badder than ever.

Hulk Planet Skaar TP

Greg Pak (w), Butch Guice, Ron Lim, Dan Panosian (a)

Collects Skaar: Son of Hulk #7-12 and Planet Skaar Prologue.  The Silver Surfer goes head-to-head with Skaar, who know one has been able to stop. Then, Skaar comes to Earth and reunites with his Pop.

Justice League Cry for Justice HC

James Robinson (w), Mauro Cascoili (a)

These heroes are mad, and they are not going to take it anymore as Green Lantern and Green Arrow put together a new Justice League. Wait until you see the last two issues, one thing is for sure – nothing will ever be the same in some of these characters lives.

New This Week: 6.3.10

Posted by BRiAN On May - 30 - 2010

Due to MEMORIAL DAY this week COMICS WILL COME OUT ON THURSDAY this week. Hit the jump to see what’s coming… Read the rest of this entry »


Posted by BRiAN On May - 28 - 2010


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INNERNETTE’s Better on Fridays

Posted by BRiAN On May - 28 - 2010

I woke up this morning with a bit of a sore throat. I am hoping it’s not a cold but rather from all of the yelling challenges to Thor that I was doing last night during that WEAK ATTEMPT AT A THUNDERSTORM! YOU CALL YERSELF A THUNDER GOD!?! PPSSSSHW!!!

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The 90s are BACK!

Posted by BRiAN On May - 27 - 2010

Friday June 4th is FIRST FRIDAY yet again! Brave New Worlds Old City is teaming up with long time buddy cop partners The Autumn Society for their first show of the summer and is gonna have a RAD 90s Nostalgia theme!

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What I Liked This Week

Posted by bnwadmin On May - 26 - 2010

Secret Avengers #1

Ed Brubaker (w), Mike Deodato, Rainier Beredo (a)

I’m Putting the Band Back Together Well, sort of. Commander Steve Rogers is now the nation’s top cop and his first act is to put together his very own Secret Avengers squad. As he puts it after their first successful mission, “we won and we are getting away without anyone knowing who we are.”

Something About Cap Not sure what it is, maybe its Brubaker or maybe its just the blue eyes and blonde hair, but Rogers makes me care about this new squad he has put together. And I SO did not care about this team when it was announced. Kudos.

Fade to Black Wow, I so did not see that last panel coming. Interesting and of course, it left me wanting more, the sign of every great issue.

Picture Says a Thousand Words Or something like that. Fresh off his Dark Avengers run, Deodato transfers his awesome storytelling abilities and the issue is the better for it.     It is sort of fitting that this team takes place in the shadows since Deodato likes to work in that space.

You Can Quote Me Great first issue. It was terrific seeing Steve Rogers back in action, and making a relevant impact on the Marvel ‘verse.

Justice League Generation Lost #2

Judd Winick, Keith Giffen (w), Joe Bennett, Jack Jadson (a)

If a Tree Falls in the Woods But now one is there to see it, did it really happen? Or if Maxwell Lord falls in the woods, and no one know who Maxwell Lord is, did he really fall? Makes you think doesn’t it?

For a Minute There I thought Lord would just be content on getting away with erasing everyone’s memories of his existence. Boy was I wrong.

I Feel Like I am Watching Lost So are you telling me Wonder Woman really did not kill Maxwell Lord?

Whipping Boy How much does it suck to be Booster Gold. The rest of the former JLI rates to be ruined but Booster not so much. Of course he is going to win the pennant now like they did in Major League.

Thunderbolts #144

Jeff Parker (w), Kev Walker (a)

New Sheriff in Town Never got into the Thunderbolts before with all its history but decided to give this issue a shot as it takes a new direction entering the Heroic Age. Glad my instincts paid off on this one.

What Heroic Age? I like how they decided to keep the program running despite the end of the Dark Reign and yada, yada, yada. I especially love the fact that Luke Cage is now running the team.

I am Not a Crook Yeah right I am turning my back on this group. I especially am impressed that Steve Rogers is not holding a grudge allowing so many past stooges a second shot, ala Moonstone, which we are all the better for.

Quote of the Issue “Back in the day we had a lavish training area … and now we practice in a seagull toilet.” Guess who.

Man-Thing This issue has Man-Thing, freaking Man-Thing. ‘nuff said.

Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #2 (0f 6)

Grant Morrison (w),Frazer Irving (a)

Plot Thickens Now this issue felt a little more like a Morrison tale. Not with all the obscure character references, but with all the twists and turns. Still, part 2 of the return only made me more interested in what the heck is going on.

Did You Catch the Jewelry Bruce’s new girl has some interesting jewelry. Wonder where she got that from?

Reason No. 267 Why You Never Piss Off a Witch Because they just go ahead and curse your family.

End of Time So the rescue team has gone all the way to the end of time to figure out where Bruce is. Only nine minutes left until oblivion. Yeah, this will end well.

Mystery Society #1

Steve Niles (w), Fiona Staples (a)

Not a Niles Man Really never able to get behind any of his other stuff, but not for a lack of trying. Finally, Niles has written something specifically for me. Mystery Society #1 is a terrific premiere issue that introduces us to the basic concept of what’s going on.

Happy Couple There was a terrific banter between the Mystery Society’s couple, Nick and Anastasia, that made me feel like they were old friends returning after a long time. Nice job Steve!

Area 51 Yes, another book takes a daring move to take us to Area 51 and we are so the better for it. Trust me.

That New Independent Book I am Going to Push in the Store In the tradition of the Highwaymen and Red Herring, add Mystery Society to your reading stack.

Power Girl #12

Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray (w), Amanda Conner (a)

All Good Things The creative team of Palmiotti, Gray and Conner say goodbye to Power Girl with this Valentine to the fans as they revisit the past year in one exciting issue.

The Floating Head Returns ‘nuff said.

Funny Books While not every book can pull off the fun that is Power Girl, I always feel DC knows how to balance and achieve the fun in its books and this book did just that. And I am going to miss it. Tear …

2 Comics I Wanna Read Tomorrow

Posted by BRiAN On May - 25 - 2010

Whatever. So I’ve missed a few weeks of writing down what I wanna read on Wednesday. And I am writing this one far in advance so I have no insight into what the books are actually like. Also one of them is a trade. Tomorrow new comics come out!

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Spotlight On …

Posted by bnwadmin On May - 24 - 2010

Looking for one book that has Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Deadman and Kamandi? Look no further, hit the jump for all the details on DC’s Wednesday Comics HC this week, as well as some other select titles in this week’s spotlight.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #37

Kurt Busiek, Karl Kesel (w), Patrick Olliffe, Paolo Siquera, Sandra Chang, Amilton Santos (a)

A date with history so epic, Marvel needed an annual to tell the tale of the first-ever meeting between Spider-Man and Captain America.  ‘Nuff said.

Amory Wars Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth #1

Claudio Sanchez, Peter David (w), Chris Burnham (a)

Displaying his writing prowess, David demonstrates that no genre is out of his reach as he pens the third volume of Boom’s Amory Wars series. A great starting point for new readers.

G.I. Joe Hearts and Minds #1

Max Brooks (w), Howard Chaykin, Antonio Fuso(a)

New York Times bestselling author Brooks returns to G.I. Joe with a next generation story – “Some fight for God, some fight for country.  I fight for cash, and don’t you DARE judge me until you know why,” Major Bludd.

Secret Avengers #1

Ed Brubaker (w), Mike Deodato (a)

Steve Rogers new “secret” Avengers squad is here. But what are they exactly? And does it really matter, I mean the Beast is back as an Avenger – a Secret Avenger!

Star Wars Invasion: Rescues #1

Tom Taylor (w), Colin Wilson (a)

Now is a great time to jump into the ever expanding universe of Star Wars as Luke Skywalker’s galaxy comes under siege. New Jedi’s including Han and Leia’s kids are the new line of defense in the war against tyranny and other bad stuff.

X-Men Second Coming Revelations Blind Science #1

Simon Spurrier (w), Gerald Parel, Paul Davidson (a)

While the X-Men are getting their collected butts handed to them by Bastion, the X-Club is wishing they were there after being lured away from Utopia and targeted themselves.

Batman Long Shadows HC

Judd Winick (w), Ed Benes, Mark Bagley, Rob Hunter (a)

Collects Batman #687-691. Batman is dead, long live Batman as Dick Grayson takes over the mantel as the Dark Knight and immediately faces a stiff test in the Penguin and Two-Face – almost sounds like a Batman movie script in the making.

Wednesday Comics HC

Various (w&a)

The oversized, hardcover edition of DC’s Wednesday Comics is here, collecting all 12 issues in their oversized glory.

Red Son Rising Over O.C.

Posted by BRiAN On May - 24 - 2010

In June the Old City Book Discussion Group will be talking about Superman: Red Son by Mark Millar and Dave Johnson. Hit the jump for details…

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New This Week: 5.26.10

Posted by BRiAN On May - 23 - 2010

Comics. Comics. Comics. Hit the jump to see what new comics will be out on Wednesday 5.26.10!

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