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What I Liked (Last) Week

Posted by bnwadmin On April - 6 - 2010

Jonathan Hickman’s Fantastic Four era continues to excel in my opinion.  After what seemed like a let down with the Mark Millar-Bryan Hitch run (although it probably was not), Hickman’s story arcs have really breathed some fresh air into the FF franchise.

Issue #577 this week takes the fabulous four to the moon and gives us a peak into the inner workings of the Inhumans, which is always a treat.  It’s like a day in the life at Mos Eisley spaceport.  You think it would be cool to spend some time there, and the Inhumans are no different.

However, while revisiting some classic FF friends, Hickman takes established lore and builds to it, giving us a new group of beings to think, wonder and perhaps even worry about over.  I also love how Hickman has been ending each issue lately with the last page of the book a “homepad” file which looks to come from Herbie, with information such as the population of the Inhumans city, the light brigade (?) and how many human prisoners are being held (wtf?).

I am also really enjoying Dale Eaglesham’s artwork on the issue.  I was not overly impressed with his run on JSA (probably just being to critical), but whatever he is doing now seems to work for this book.  Eaglesham draws the FF subtly it seems, and it really goes well with Hickman’s storytelling.

If you have not yet picked up Hickman’s FF run, what are you waiting for?  Volume 1 is available in hardcover (only) and is an excellent investment.

Now of course, it is time for some mutants baby as Hope has finally come home after spending the last year and a half hopping all over time with Cable.  It should be first noted before I delve into X-Men Second Coming by the wonder twins Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost, that Duane Swierczynski did an awesome job setting up this story and I was a little disappointed that he did not get the call to write this one-shot that will continue through the X-books for the for seeable future.

As usual, the issue finds Hope and Cable on the run once again after they return to find life is not how Cable left it after the events of Messiah Complex.  Cyclops is at his best in this issue, moving his chess pieces all over the board, positioning his team to best assist Cable’s return with the “hope” of mutantkind.

With the decimation of their numbers, courtesy of the Scarlet Witch, the M.O. has changed for all mutants in the Marvel Universe, none more than Cyclops, and it is interesting to see how he leads by his new-found beliefs in the future of all mutants.

David Finch supplies the pencils as Matt Banning finishes.  They do a terrific job with taking the narrative to exciting places.  There are some major OMG moments in this issue, that will have serious repercussions for major characters.  I know these mutant events have gotten a little old after awhile, but I feel it in my bones like this is a good one, just like when Luke could feel Vader was on Endor.  Granted, I am not guided by the force, or am I?

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