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Hello Friday Innernet. FCBD 2morrow!

Posted by BRiAN On April - 30 - 2010

Free Comic Book Day is tomorrow. Both Brave New Worlds locations have all sorts of stuff going on all day long and we had better see all of you at one of them! Free comics…who doesn’t love that kinda stuff!?! Here’s a lack luster group of links.

•First off I’m sending you off to ye ole yewtoobs for a look at an apartment like Wall•E’s & that I would trade the green house for at the drop of a hat. Check it out HERE

•If you follow comics news you may have heard about the lady who was complaining about some of the content that she found in Jeff Smith’s BONE recently (check that out HERE)…Jeff Smith (comics god!) responds HERE


•Daniel Clowes had a new book out this week. He explains HERE why he feels like the whole comic book thing is over. Like we can’t go back to that anymore”

•In other movie news we go back to youtube to check out what they heck they have done to Jonah Hex…I for one being a Hex fan am puzzled by this trailer…Click HERE

•I think this will be my last movie update…but Brubaker and Phillips’ Incognito was optioned by Fox. This world may work better as a Showtime or HBO series but a movie could be cool. Click HERE

Abandoned Dinosaur Park!?!

•This game where you can play the NES classic Mario Bros. as other NES Classic Characters was getting a lot of attention this week (ive been playing Mega

on and on for eternity!

Man & it has been awesome!) Click HERE

•I found this yesterday and it made me really really happy. —>

• I freaked out last night when I saw this Mignola/Baltimore  news (ask Rob he was there) Click HERE

•Ok ok I know I said I was done with movie related links but I have to post this one with a big THANK YOU to Mr. Roger Ebert. I too hate 3-D Movies. Click HERE

•I know I should be excited for the Secret Avengers #1 but I still don’t know. I do like me some new Cap costume tho… CBR has got a preview click HERE

•Space Monkey ( i want to imagine that he is Ham)  and Ben Lee combine to make this awesome piece of music video. Click HERE

•This RULES!->

And with that I leave you! See you tomorrow for FREE COMICS!!!

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  1. Rich Said,

    Jeff Smith quote “My conclusion is that some people aren’t smart enough to read comic books.” – AWESOME!

    Posted on April 30th, 2010 at 2:41 pm

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