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Four Days of Magic @ Willow Grove

Posted by bnwadmin On April - 1 - 2010

Brave New Worlds Willow Grove has added a fourth day to its successful Magic lineup, introducing Saturday Open EDH play, beginning Saturday, April 3 at Noon.  For just $4 (which covers prizes), you and your friends can join other fans of the Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH) format with open game play.

This is a friendly environment with a style of play fostered, not to build the most broken combo deck possible that kills the entire table by turn 5-7. The point of EDH (besides winning) is that everyone have as much fun as possible. Insane combo decks is not what we want.

We will use standard EDH banned and restricted list, with the only addition being Rofellos, Zur and Iona. If a card proves to be too good, it may be added to the store banned list if it is continued to be used.

We will not use the Brittany Mulligan, rather each player will receive one free mulligan and then not have to paris.

Players are required to use the same deck for each pod on the same day, but may change decks from week to week.

For players who do not know about the format or have any questions, go to Dragon Highlander Rules.

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