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Innernette Stuff for a Rainy Weekend

Posted by BRiAN On March - 12 - 2010

Since it is supposed to rain all weekend and people will be inside, or off to their favorite comic shop (Brave New Worlds no doubt) to get this weeks new comics, I figured I’d take some time and assemble some stuff that you should look at on the innernette, comic related or not, that is of interest. Check it out…

•The iPad is coming. Like it or not, I myself am not all that for it cause I love books and all things print, it will be out April 3rd. This is an interesting piece from Core77 about print in this increasingly digital age. Egon said it in the 80’s “Print is dead.” I refuse to believe/accept that…any way here’s the link.

•Our good pal Joe Game moved to California towards the end of last year to work on a cartoon called Adventure Time. Which if you have never seen before I totally recommend the original internet pilot. Geekadelphia spotlighted the tribute work that the Autumn Society of Philadelphia has been doing for this series. Check that out here. Then be sure to check out the series when it premieres on April 5th.

•This picture rules. Maybe I’ll watch Predator this weekend.

•I was going to make Oberon Sexton, from Batman and Robin by Grant Morrison, the “A Character To Learn More About” tomorrow but…weirdly enough there’s no information about him out there. Just internet speculation. Weird right?…

•There’s a new TRON Legacy trailer. check it out in high def here.

•Rob showed me this site about a week ago or so and I just found the bookmark. Check out the old pictures of famous people being young.

•Also if you are bored and wanna do some nerdy crafts that end up as awesome toys go to cubeecraft and start making your army of awesome lil paper toys! Maybe Chris will one day make Cubee versions of the BNW staff

•Also this weekend HBO premieres their new WWII blockbuster miniseries The Pacific. I loved Band of Brothers so much that I have been re-watching it recently to get psyched, but still I keep waiting for that rallying the troops speech from Captain America that never happens.

•And then finally I will leave you with the cover to my Pick of the Week (as they say). Really for me in a week that this book comes out there can be nothing better…except for maybe if in that same week there were an issue of this series! That is the case this week and that book comes in a real real close photo finish kind of second.

Anyway I hope you brave the weather this weekend and stop into a BNW to say hey. Heck when you’re there maybe pick up a Book Discussion book and join in on the fun!

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  1. Don Said,

    I can’t wait for the Pacific. I just finished watching the Bastigone episodes of Band of Brothers and fear I may now have post tramatic stress disorder.

    Posted on March 13th, 2010 at 5:24 pm

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