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Friday Internets Now w/ Scott Pilgrim

Posted by BRiAN On March - 26 - 2010

It feels like people are enjoying, well maybe just a few of you are, this little list of things that I either find (typing stuff into Google is one of my favorite things to do..that and watch internet videos of people falling) or get sent to me or read on other peoples blogs. So here’s a new list…

•So as you may know by now the trailer for Scott Pilgrim vs The World was released finally yesterday and it is full of the comic’s awesomeness. I recommend watching the Hi-Res version here. Also if you haven’t read the comic please do yourself a favor and do so!

•This next video link is from over at SlashFilm (they find all kindsa sweet video links and stuff that i will forever steal and re-link) and is from one of my favorite movies from last year Inglorious Basterds. Check it out here. Also I think that they who played Hans Landa should totally be Red Skull.

•A favorite comics series of mine, The Losers by rock star super dream team Andy Diggle and Jock, is being turned into a movie this summer. Here’s a little interview with Jeffery Dean Morgan who plays Clay, my favorite character in the series (he was also the Comedian in Watchmen).

•This little gem was sent to me by a friend. Now it’s not really safe for work nor is it for any sorta younger we browsing types. That said here’s a sweet video of a Chinese guy looking for a girlfriend

•For the Ladies: A list of 10 Men Sexier than Johnny Depp. Always Sunny in Philly represent!

•If you are a fan of Jonathan Hickman’s Secret Warriors series like I am, and basically anything else that the man writes, then you’ll love this preview that CBR posted yesterday of the new series S.H.I.E.L.D. #1. Galactus and the Brood back in time! Whaaa?!

•If you, like me, love dinosaurs and the 90s classic film Jurassic Park then your email/twitter/facebook/text messages/myspace/friendster/ messenger/telegraph/smoke signals/messenger pigeons/semaphore on wednesday may have been bursting at the seams like mine was when IDW announced that they would be doing new Jurassic Park comics in June. Needless to say…I’m psyched cause I owned all of the Jurassic Park comics back in the day.

•If this movie was real…then i would watch it everyday. Watching that lead to watching this…Oh PeeWee that’s not what iPads are for!

•And then for all of those Dr. Who fans out there here’s the new season trailer via Newsarama( that you probably have already seen but whatever)
Geekadelphia and Shmitten Kitten are teaming up to bring you some more of their ultimate Philly nerdy/geeky goodness by presenting (what may be my favorite movie in recent memory) Black Dynamite at the Trocadero on Monday April 26th. RSVP to the event here or just read all about it here. Come out to this event (if you are 21+…sorry) and see an awesome movie and then afterward party like it’s 1979!

•Today at some point I may crack and read Time Lincoln.

•I guess I will end this now with a couple of sweet videos and stills that I crept across on Superpunch. What if designer god Saul Bass did the opening credits to Lost or Tron. Check it out here.

•Next Friday is 1st Friday! In Old City we will be throwing together a show with the Philadelphia Cartooning Society that we are calling the “Left Out To Dry Show”…since we were kind of left out to dry when the planned show fell through at almost the last possible moment. Stay tuned for more information as BNW and PCS make up the information!

•Aaaaand one final thing that I’ll post and it’s all business…Brave New Worlds has all new $10 and $12 books…so come check em out!

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