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Friday Internet Stuff

Posted by BRiAN On March - 19 - 2010

It’s yet another Friday (but at least this one is not being destroyed by rain like the last one) and I have compiled some stuff you should take a look at from all over this big bad internet. Hit the jump to see what’s up

•Two of our good buds from, the great Philly geek blog,  Geekadelphia have managed to somehow get themselves involved in the Fiesta Movement (click that link to fully understand what it’s all about). The Philly Team (or their official page) is in the process of completing their first mission, coming up with a sweet mural to be painted and will be throwing a party to celebrate:

The party will be @ North Bowl Lanes (909 North 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123-2301) in the Northern Liberties on April 2nd.

The mural which will be forever located @ 1108 South Street will be featuring us (!) along with an All Star List of PhiladelphiaAwesomness! It’s a total honor for us to be lumped together in this order of Nachos Supreme of sweet places with the likes of IndyHall, National Mechanics, North Star Bar, PYT, McGillin’s Olde Ale House, Tattooed Moms, the Franklin Fountain, North Bowl Lanes and the legendary Philadelphia Magic Gardens.

•In other Geekadelphia related news Dustin, Brave New Worlds Old City friend/customer, wrote down what he thought about the movie version of Kick-Ass that we managed to see back on March 1st. Check out what he had to say here

•In other Kick-Ass related news, see what I’m doing…leading you from one to the next, on Monday March 22nd (that’s this Monday coming up) the Old City Book Discussion Club will be meeting to discuss the Kick-Ass comic series, available now in

Hardcover for $24.99 (which is cheaper than buying all 8 of the issues @ $3.99). Come out to the discussion and as an added bonus get some awesome Kick-Ass movie swag!

Check out this Hit Girl shirt! You know you want one...

Predators is coming! IGN has the trailer here. Get psyched! ‘Cause I sure as heck am!!!

Ain’t It Cool News posted the poster of another movie coming this summer, that is set to turn me back into a 12 year old boy, the Expendables. Check the poster here and the trailer in HD (of course) here.

•Here’s a mini Newsarama BATMAN link round-up for ya:

Batman through time news here

Batman Under the Hood Animated news here

Batman Beyond the comic news here

•Some Scott Pilgrim news here and here (the latter being Brian Lee O’Malley’s site)

The Adventure Time animated series opening credits is now online as our good buddy Joe Game shared with us the other day. Check it out here.

Cubeecraft has revealed a new cubee today. Oscar the grouch himself!

•Check out this Spike Jonze short film (via SlashFilm)

•AAAAAAAAAnd finally Comic Book Resources has a sweet interview with Jason Aaron on Scalped (one of my fave series from Vertigo ever!) here

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