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A Character To Learn More About

Posted by BRiAN On March - 27 - 2010

Today marks a first in “A Character” history. I have taken my first submission/recommendation for a character, and not had to have done all the tedious/backbreaking/high stress sleuthing into the nether reaches of Marvel and DC’s vast treasure trove of colorful, bizarre and sometimes crappy characters.

Ultra The Multi-Alien aka Ace Arn

Ultra the Multi-Alien first appeared in the November 1965 Mystery in Space #103 and was created by Dave Wood and Lee Elias.

•Read his Wikipedia entry here

•Read his Comic Vine entry here

•And also check out this page for some more info

Thanks to loyal BNW Old City customer AJay for bringing this guy to my attention this week. And as always if there are any ideas for whom you may like to see here in this section shoot me an email! [BRiAN]

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