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My Picks 2.10.10

Posted by Chris On February - 12 - 2010

My first book is Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #7. I have been reading Ultimate Spider-Man since the original issue 1 and it has been the only comic I’ve consistently picked up for years. In this issue Peter’s new housemates Iceman and the Human Torch are called on by Aunt May to help their neighbor Rick Jones figure out what his new fangled powers are all about… and what do they have to do with the Ultimate Watcher? [Marvel Comics, By Bendis, Miyazawa and Ponsor. $3.99]

Next up we have Ultimate Armor Wars. Tony Stark is tracking down a bunch of stolen Iron Man tech in the wake of the Ultimatum Crisis which left millions on the US East Coast dead. In addition to the Iron Man tech a very special box has been taken…. and the thieves get more than they bargained for when Tony reveals what’s in it. [Marvel Comics, By Ellis, Kurth and Huet. $3.99]

Last but not least we have Batman & Robin #8. For those who haven’t been following recent events in the DC Universe – Bruce Wayne seems to be dead, and Dick Grayson has taken over as Batman. After a fight with Jason Todd Dick thinks it might be good idea to drop Bruce’s body in a Lazarus Pit. Seems like a good idea, right? Nope. [DC Comics, By Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart. $2.99]

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