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Flash Rebirth #6/Fantastic Four HC

Posted by bnwadmin On February - 20 - 2010

The letter F sponsors this week’s Brave New Worlds Spotlight with the upcoming releases of Flash Rebirth #6 (Finally!) and Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman Premiere Hardcover Volume 1 (Fun!).

Barry Allen is back, courtesy of Geoff Johns, and Flash Rebirth #6 marks the end of the saga that returns Allen to the DC Universe.  However, things are going to change for the  family of Flashes (don’t they always) and this week’s issue will reveal those changes including the secrets of the Speed Force and just what is the fate of Wally West.

Meanwhile, another new era has begin for Marvel’s First Family and this week sees the release of the first five issues of Jonathan Hickman and Dale Eaglesham’s run in Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman Premiere Hardcover Volume 1.  The story picks up right where Hickman’s Dark Reign Fantastic Four mini-series left off as well as the hanging story thread from Civil War where Reed Richards decides to solve everything.  If you missed out on an issue, or where waiting for the first hardcover of Hickman’s run (collecting Fantastic Four #570-574) to come out, Wednesday is the time to stop by Brave New Worlds to pick up your copy.

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