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First Wave #1/Buffy Volume 6 TP

Posted by bnwadmin On February - 28 - 2010

Out this Wednesday, DC unveils a shocking new universe with some classic (and unexpected) characters in First Wave #1.  Meanwhile as the Twilight mystery deepens in the pages of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dark Horse Comics releases the previous arc in trade paperback BTVS Volume 6 Retreat.

From the mind of Brian Azzarello, who teased readers a few months back with his Batman/Doc Savage Special, comes First Wave #1 this week, illustrated by Rags Morales.  It’s a DC Universe like we have never seen before featuring Doc Savage, the Spirit, the Blackhawks plus Batman and Black Canary (among others) in a pulpy war in the shadows of war.  This new book looks promising.

Brad Meltzer is up for his turn on Buffy the Vampire Slayer with the latest arc – Twilight.  But how did the Scoobies get here you ask?  Well, relive the five issue story “Retreat” by Jane Espenson that brought an all-out war to the Buffy ‘verse and brought our heroes to their current predicament.

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