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Warhammer 40k: Evolution … Adapt or Die!

Posted by bnwadmin On January - 10 - 2010

Brave New Worlds Willow Grove is one of a select few retailers hosting this very special Warhammer 40k event – Evolution … Adapt or Die!  For five-straight weeks in January, Brave New Worlds Willow Grove will be hosting the Planet Posul battles that will be part of the sets new lore.

So stop by Brave New Worlds Willow Grove every Saturday now through February 6.  New players are encouraged to come to learn how to play, we will supply you with an army to use.  For the more warhammer 40k savvy among us, bring an army with at least three colors, and prepare to have fun.

For more information, Contact Dave.

The Tyranids are an alien menace from the cold depths of the void that hunger endlessly for the taste of warm flesh.  They infest the stars in numbers that are in the untold billions, a raw force of destruction that has been likened to a locust swarm.  They move in Hive fleets that remorselessly drift through space consuming everything in their wake.  These fleets have been named by the Imperium as they are encountered (Behemoth, Kraken and Leviathan being the most infamous).

At this time Hive Fleet Leviathan is moving through the southern reaches of the galactic core, as it moves along it gathers more genetic material for the continued evolution of the Tyranid species.  During this time of strife opportunistic and warlike races will utilize the panic sowed by leviathans advance to further their own schemes.

The Imperium, beset on all sides must look to unlikely allies to help save its self from being consumed by the hunger that is the Tyranid.

In the first weeks of 2010 the battle for the Galatic Southern Pole will be fought in the Mid Atlantic area of the United States with several stores (both GW Retail Stores and Independents) representing individual planets.

Updates will be posted weekly as battle reports from the individual planets come arrive describing the advance or repulsion of the Tyranic tide.


Weeks 3-4 (January 23 and 30) Standard Mission Scenarios are used

a. All stratagems can carry over from the planet strike games

Week 5 (February 6th) is the final event and will be an Apocalypse Game

a. Based on results advantages and disadvantages will be assigned (stratagems)

b. Apocalypse formations and super heavies can be used

Tyranid players will be able to use the new codex as soon as it is released (including the store copies). This is to symbolize the evolution of the hive as it moves through space.

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