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Taking a Look at Batgirl

Posted by bnwadmin On January - 4 - 2010

Five issues in and this new incarnation of Batgirl has been a pleasant surprise. Bryan Miller has done a nice job transferring the flag from Cassandra Cain to Stephanie Brown. Another neat touch by Miller is Barbara Gordon’s mentorship of the former Spoiler. Babs was a lot like us at first, probably not wanting to invest ourselves in another Batgirl, but just like us she can’t just help herself after getting to know her. And honestly, there is something endearing about the character that makes you root for her.

Miller did a nice job of letting the title get its own feet before bringing Batman and Robin into the title for a cameo, or whatever, this month in issue #5. To be honest, this issue was definitely the most-fun I had of all of them – the interaction between Damian and Stephanie is worth the $2.99 (now a bargain) cover price alone.

Add in Lee Garbett’s pencils and Trevor Scott’s ink and Batgirl is a good title to be added to the monthly pull. Operators are standing by …

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