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Star Wars Clone Wars

Posted by bnwadmin On January - 21 - 2010

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away …

Admit it, for most of us, despite our feelings towards the prequels, these words still get us all sorts of amped up, like drinking Red Bull while eating a couple of jelly donuts – good times.  But I digress.

Say what you want about the prequels, Star Wars is still a lot of fun.  And despite the generations that worship the original trilogy, there is an entire new audience enjoying Star Wars for the first time that is living the dream we once had, based on The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

So, where most of us had to suffer with just the three original movies on VHS for years and years, this new generation gets all-new weekly adventures bridging the gaps between Episode’s II and III with Cartoon Network’s Star Wars Clone Wars.

This all-new animated adventure continuing the saga George Lucas began over thirty years ago is very satisfying, and surprisingly dark.  The second season, which currently airs on Friday nights and is available for free on Star or on iTunes, has really pushed the story-telling envelope, especially visually.

In one of the second season’s first episodes, we watched as Cad Bane the bounty hunter tortured a Jedi Knight to death.  Granted, it was not bloody or violent (this is still for kids) but it was just as intense, especially for an unsupervised little one.

The episode that has sold the entire series for me came recently where Obi-Wan and Anakin have to retake Genosis from the Separatist.  The episode felt like a scene taken directly out of the opening of Saving Private Ryan (if Saving Private Ryan took place in space).  It was an intense battle that was really powerfully told as we watched the heroes come under a non-stop bombardment.

If I still have not sold you on the merits of Clone Wars, then think about one more thing.  We finally get to witness what the movies only really teased us with, seeing Jedi Knights wield their lightsabers and use the force like true samurai’s.  It really is a lot of fun, for the kids and for the kids still in all of us.

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