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“Heroes will be heroes again…”

Posted by BRiAN On January - 28 - 2010

“Heroes will be heroes again. They’ve gone through hell and they’re back to being good guys — a throwback to the early days of the Marvel Universe, with more of a swashbuckling feel.” says Marvel’s Joe Quesada yesterday in an announcement at USA about Marvels coming Heroic Age. Both Newsarama and Comic Book Resources covered this huge announcement yesterday amidst the hustle and bustle of one of the biggest new comic days in recent months. This news comes on the heels of the announcement from Brian Bendis, a few weeks ago, about all four Avengers titles ending at the end of the little four issue Marvel series, you may have heard of, Siege. Promising a more classic style storytelling, maybe along the lines used by Grant Morrison in both his current take on Batman and Robin and his All Star Superman series, it would appear from this teaser image that there will also be a major shake up in the Avengers lineup as well. With the return of Thor, Iron Man and Captain America to the team we seem to trade Wolverine, who’s on a ton of teams anyway, for Hank McCoy, who just conveniently just left the X-Men and has already been an Avenger in days past. Hawkeye’s putting on his old suit, guess Bullseye no longer has a need for it.  It’s smart to Black Widow on the team since they need a strong female character without Ms. Marvel and since shes in Iron Man II this summer. Spidey stays which is good since he adds a bit of humor to any situation but the Thing, West Coast Avenger and Avenger reservist, should be real busy being in the FF while the Gorila-Man, from the Agents of Atlas, just seems kind of out of place. And what happened to all the other guys/gals from the Dark, Mighty and New Avengers?! I guess we shall see after Siege in May when Avengers #1 hits shelves.

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