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2 Comics I Wanna Read Tomorrow

Posted by BRiAN On January - 19 - 2010

•Phantom Stranger #42: With DC’s Blackest Night in full effect, at this point, they have started raising comics from the dead by publishing single issues of comics that were canceled in days/years past. I’ve been enjoying this concept of the event tie-in so far…I mean how could I not after in Weird Western Tales #71 they gave me a chance to see a Black Lantern Jonah Hex! This issue looks to offer not only another chance to possibly learn more about DC’s possibly most enigmatic character The Phantom Stranger but also it looks like this cover features Blue Devil,  Deadman, Zatanna and wait…is that Black Lantern Spectre and Black Lantern Deadman!? Holy crap how’s that going to work out? I loved writer Peter J. Tomasi’s take on Boston Brand in the Batman Blackest Night series and he has been fantastic on Green Lantern Corps [ both are series worth checking out if you haven’t already ] so judging a book by its cover I am very psyched for this book.

•Wolverine Weapon x #9: With this book all I have to say is Jason Aaron. His hard hitting crime/Native American Reservation series Scalped from Vertigo is one of my favorites currently being published. When I heard he was writing his own Wolverine titled I was really excited. Having already done a few runs on the main Wolvie book a little while back and with his brutal/gritty writing style translating well to the character how could I not be? Then he used Maverick in the opening storyline!…who was ruined in the movie btw [ he’s my favorite mutant character but I’ll save the fanboy stuff for later ]. The second and current arc reads more like a horror comic than your regular superhero story, which may be a tun off for some readers but has totally got me hooked. With Wolverine locked in an asylum, like something out of a Rob Zombie movie, his brain is being fiddled with, yet again, causing him not to remember how or why he’s there in the first place. Through brutal torture after torture Logan is put through a wringer that only he can survive. As his memories have started returning in the form of night terrors he has started fighting back against the crazed Dr. Rottwell and his Silent Hill -esque victims. Yanick Paquette’s heavy blacks and bold lines are reminiscent of Duncan Fegredo’s  style in the last few Hellboy arcs of that series. After the last few issues there is no way that this storyline will end in a non-blood spattered wince-inducing happy kind of way. It wont be for the squeamish. Oh yea, from judging by the cover there are X-Men in it too.

how can you not want to read this too!?!

Also Jeff Smith’s RASL #6 will be out tomorrow [ it comes out once in a Blue Moon ] and it has Frankenstein on page #1…so you know I want to read that too. But I figured that would be a given since this series has been something that both Rob and I talk about all the time.

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